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I work as a Software Architect in REST and J2EE applications in California.
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I have a good background in Technology research. My education includes a Ph. D. from Carnegie-Mellon and a Bachelor of Technology (Electronics) from IIT Madras (now Chennai, India). I also have an MBA from Bombay University (now Mumbai, India).
I am interested in research in  Computers, with applications to technology .  Here is a link to my 
publications. I am currently working on applications of large graphs (complex networks). I have studied the self-similarity (see page) of the distribution of zeroes of the Riemann Zeta (pdf file) function and Dirchlet L-functions. 

I have worked earlier on
Particle Physics and on Cancer Therapy (Microwaves applied to RadioTherapy) related research. As you can see, my research interests are multi-faceted. An earlier incarnation of this site was at geocities.com, and an archived version exists.

Note: If you wish to search for citations to my work, the best keyword to use is O. Shanker (Some people use the keywords Oruganti Shanker, Oruganti U. Shanker, or Oruganti Uma Shanker, but these searches don't give many results).

My Erdos Number is 5, the links being:
Oruganti Shanker coauthored with Tad Hogg Epidemiology model on Shortcut and Small World Networks
Tad Hogg coauthored with Bernardo A. Huberman MR0647749 (83d:81036)
Bernardo A. Huberman coauthored with Li Zhang MR2429992
Li Zhang coauthored with Boris Aronov MR1733976
Boris Aronov coauthored with Paul Erdős MR1289067 (95e:52025)
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