osgSceneMaker is a software program for creating 3D Scene of OpenSceneGraph 


3/13/2008   osgscenemaker now up on sourceforge.  I have checked the source code into SVN on sourceforge.  Bugs can now be enter too.

Welcome to the osgSceneMaker Web Page. I have just finished my second release which has many bug fixes and new features.   I have written osgSceneMaker so that it should work on both Linux and Windows. 

Here is a video clip showing some of the basic features of osgSceneMaker  you can use VLC to play ogg files

osgSceneMaker allows you to create things like LODs, Switches, Compress your textures, and add special materials.  osgSceneMaker has somethings in common with osgEdit, but it is intended to easier for 3d Graphic artists to use.



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