Developer's Blog

Jan 29, 2008-  Add support for Sequences one of these day I will make a video tutorial for how to use it and how to do bump mapping. 

Feb 2, 2008-  Currently working on better support for terrain rendering.  I am working on better support especially for L3DT  You can make some beautiful terrains without much artistic talent.

 I modified osgdem to handle textures bigger than the heightfield and I wrote a .hf2 file parser(L3DT heightfield format)  I still want to add a place object on heightfield tool, a grass creation tool, and support for water.

Feb 10,2008-  I have released my second version of osgSceneMaker.  It contains alot of bug fixes and some new features.  This is the first version some people will find useful.  It is not release candidate quality, but is alot more polished.  I am still working on improving terrain and pagedLOD support, but that will come at a later time.

Feb 19, 2008-  I have continued to improve pagedLOD support, and I have started working on detail textures.    I am impress by the improvement it makes.

March 13, 2008-  I have started setting up a sourceforge page and using SVN for the sourcecode.  The version I checked in has bug fixes especially for cut and paste.