Rideau Valley Conservation Foundation

In early 2012, the Rideau Valley Conservation Foundation (RVCF) received a $5,000 grant from the Ottawa Sustainability Fund to support their Rideau Valley Healthy Watersheds Project. The grant was to support stewardship projects in the City of Ottawa including but not limited to two erosion control projects (bioengineering), 1-2 invasive species projects, 1-2 stream garbage clean up events, and several shoreline naturalization projects. Main project partners included the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority, City Stream Watch Program and several other funding sources including Environment Canada’s EcoAction Community Funding Grant and Walmart-Evergreen Green Grant. The following projects were completed in the City of Ottawa in 2012 as part of the RVCF project.

Bioengineering Projects

1. Graham Creek/Andrew Haydon Park Phase 1

  • This project was completed September 5-7, 2012 and involved the re-grading and application of geotextiles along an eroding stretch of Graham Creek in Ottawa’s Andrew Haydon Park. More than 200 native, potted trees and shrubs were planted along the shoreline and a wildflower garden was installed.
  • More than 15 community volunteers participated in the project. 
2. Graham Creek/Andrew Haydon Park Phase 2
  • Phase 2 of this project (brush mattress and fascine installation) was scheduled for November 2012; however high water levels following inclement weather caused the project to be postponed until fall 2013. 
  • Educational signage was developed and will be installed once completed.  
3. Graham Creek 2010 City Stream Watch Project Repairs
  • In November 2012, repair to a 2010 City Stream Watch Program bioengineering project was completed. This involved construction and replacement of a failed fascine.

Invasive Species Removal Events & Garbage Clean Ups

  • As part of the Rideau Valley Healthy Watershed Project, RVCA’s City Stream Watch Program conducted three invasive species removal events focusing on yellow iris and five garbage clean-up events. 88 volunteers participated in these events.

Shoreline Planting

  • In 2012, the Healthy Watersheds Project completed 22 shoreline naturalization projects along 3.4 km of shoreline within the City of Ottawa. 11,106 native trees and shrubs were planted including 946 potted plants.
  • Highlights include several large community plants at Nepean Creek Park, Pierre Rocque Park, Andrew Haydon Park, and on retired farmland on Stevens Creek.
  • More than 300 community volunteers participated in these plants contributing over 750 volunteer hours. 

Increased Public Awareness and Engagement

  • More than 350 volunteers contributed 900+ volunteer hours in 2012.
  • An educational sign will be installed at the Andrew Haydon Park Bioengineering Site (OSF logo included in list of partners).
  • A minimum of two press releases were sent out listing the Ottawa Sustainability Fund as a project partner. A third press release will be released upon completion of the Graham Creek/Andrew Haydon Park-Phase 2 bioengineering project.
  • OSF will be listed as a “Supporter” on the Rideau Valley Conservation Foundation’s “Partners in Conservation Donor Wall” prominently located in the main atrium room of the Rideau Valley Conservation Centre in Manotick.
  • Project partners included Rideau Valley Conservation Authority, the City of Ottawa, City Stream Watch Program, Environment Canada’s EcoAction Community Funding Grant, Wal-Mart-Evergreen Green Grant, Scouts Canada, Parks Canada Rideau Canal, Perth & District Collegiate Institute (PDCI) Geoventures Program, and Southbank Chrysler Dodge Jeep.