2014 Grants

On January 30, 2014, the OSFund announced that it had awarded three grants, totalling $11,700.

Mississippi Madawaska Land Trust Conservancy:

Interpretative Signage at High Lonesome Nature Reserve ($4,000)

The Conservancy (http://www.mmltc.ca) has found that experience in the wilderness is a powerful teacher and catalyst for action to conserve natural ecosystems.  This grant will provide interpretive signage at the High Lonesome Nature Reserve near Pakenham. The new signage will enhance the experience of visitors by providing them with pertinent and compelling information about the interconnection between healthy natural areas, clean air and water, climate change, and urban health.

Causeway Work Centre:

RightBike - Community Bike Sharing ($4,000)

This grant to the Causeway Work Centre will contribute to the expansion in 2014 of RightBike (http://www.rightbike.org), a community-owned and operated bike-sharing program that puts community resources to use in an innovative manner to facilitate active and spontaneous sustainable transportation alternative for utilitarian or recreational trips.  The grant will contribute specifically by adding four tricycles to the fleet.


Matthew House Refugee Services (Ottawa):

Recycling and Composting System and Associated Training ($2,700)

This home for refugees (http://www.matthewhouseottawa.org) normally has in residence up to eight refugees and two full-time house parents. Matthew House Ottawa seeks to equip refugees to be successful Canadian citizens who understand and support the environmental stewardship goals of our city. This project will implement a recycling program within the Matthew House residence. It will develop and deliver to the refugee residents, as well as to staff and volunteers, training in environmental stewardship, specifically recycling and composting. The program will provide understanding of the why and the how, and it will involve setting goals and monitoring compliance.

Report, 2015 February

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