2013 Grants

On February 1, 2013, the OSFund announced that it had awarded four grants, totalling $23,000.

Causeway Work Centre:

RightBike Station ($5,000)

RightBike is a community-based, sustainable transportation initiative in partnership with SLOWest, the Wellington West & Westboro Business Improvement Areas, Dovercourt Recreational Centre, MEC & Cyclelogik. It is dedicated to facilitating a shift in transit modes from buses and cars to bicycles in the Wellington West-Westboro communities. The OSFund’s grant to Causeway covered part of the cost of construction of a RightBike station at 22 O’Meara Street.  


Click here for a report on the project.


Great River School:

Children’s Sustainable Foods Project ($5,000)

Great River School will develop and pilot a social and nature-studies curriculum module to connect urban children with sustainable organic gardening. The curriculum program will allow children hands-on experience in gardening to create sustainable, healthy food. The project will also develop a local garden with support from Just Food – the Ottawa Community Gardening Network. The grant from the OSFund will go towards development of the curriculum module, on-site garden structure, gardening tools and equipment, and a website.

The world, we are told, was made especially for man -- a presumption not supported by all the facts... Why should man value himself as more than a small part of the one great unit of creation?

John Muir, naturalist and explorer (1838-1914)






Debra Dynes Family House Inc.:
Community Garden Continuance Project ($10,000)

Debra Dynes Family House Inc. will work to rejuvenate and build on their existing community gardens. The grant from the OSFund will support the expansion of the community garden and will provide the residents with more accessibility to fresh, local food while enhancing their quality of life. The generous funding of $10,000 to support his project was directed by the EnviroCentre.

The Natural Step

Phase II IMPACT Program ($3,000)

The OSF is funding a second phase of IMPACT! Sustainability Champions: training for young, emerging leaders to develop their sustainability projects and realize their leadership potential. The OSF support of $3,000 for this project was directed by IBM Canada.

I love this old planet.
I love the days
When morning comes to me
On silver wings
And sunrise opens my eyes
With the gentlest of inquiries.
I love this old planet
And if I could,
Would wrap my arms around it
And pull it to my chest
To keep it safe.

Clive Doucet,
First poet elected to Ottawa City Council;
from Canal Seasons