2012 Grants

In 2012, the OSFund awarded grants of $5,000 each to The Natural Step Canada, the Rideau Valley Conservation Foundation, and Faith and the Common Good (Greening Sacred Spaces). It also facilitated a grant from IBM of $10,000 to Ecology Ottawa and Tucker House.

The Natural Step Canada:
Youth Sustainability Champions Training

During the fall of 2012, The Natural Step Canada ran its Youth Sustainability Champions Training program in Ottawa, equipping 25 young leaders to become effective change agents in the community. Each participant is currently implementing a local sustainability project that will help transform and improve our community.


The program followed by the participants included:

  • Completing an award-winning Sustainability 101 eLearning course;
  • Participating in a two-day workshop to apply The Natural Step's unique sustainability framework to a local project that they create;
  • Receiving ongoing coaching and mentoring from The Natural Step's experienced sustainability advisors as they develop and implement their projects;
  • Participating in an online forum to share, learn, and support each other’s project development;
  • Taking part in a community event to showcase their sustainability projects andachievements to the public;
  • Engaging 50 people through each project, magnifying the overall impact to over 1,500 people across Ottawa.

Rideau Valley Conservation Foundation:

Healthy Watershed Project

Vulnerable and degraded areas have been identified by the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority, the City of Ottawa and the City Stream Watch Program. The Healthy Watershed Project carries out some of the restoration opportunities identified by these partners.

By drawing on a base of over 200 community volunteers and conducting projects in locations accessible to the public, this project aims to foster behavioural change in the community by showcasing best management practices and projects that maintain or restore the ecosystem of the watershed.  


This grant to the Rideau Valley Conservation Foundation supported projects in Ottawa during 2012. To read the final report on this grant, please click here: 


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