2011 Grant

In 2011, the OSFund awarded a grant of $5,000 to the Anglican Parish of Huntley.

Huntley Solar

The Anglican Parish of Huntley installed in the summer of 2011 a 9.4 kW solar photovoltaic array under the terms of Ontario's MicroFIT program.  


The project started with a grant from the Ottawa Sustainability Fund, which paid for an engineering study that established that the roof of the Parish Hall was suitable for the project.  

There were extensive meetings, discussions and information sessions within the solar committee and the parish community.  Funds were borrowed from the various church and parish accounts, to be paid back with interest by year twelve of the twenty-year contract.


This project:

  • has reduced the environmental footprint of the church by offsetting the electricity drawn from the grid with that generated on-site;
  • will extend the life of the roof upon which the array is mounted, with attendant positive results for the environment and Parish finances.
  • has engaged three congregations and served as a demonstration project for the wider Ottawa community.

 NEWS RELEASE: JGH9211,Huntley.pdf