2010 Grants

Causeway Work Centre:

Organic Garden

A grant of $2,400 was awarded in 2010 to the Causeway Work Centre, a community economic development organization, to enable it to secure a structural engineering report and architectural plans for a rooftop vegetable garden.  

A structural engineer assessed the capacity of the east side of the roof to support a garden and gave a positive report for a space of 18 ft. by 26 ft.  A subsequent pro bono consulting engineering review of the west side, however, advised that the risk of installing the roof garden on the building, which is over 100 years old, was too high to proceed.  

The OSFund then approved the use of the grant for a  4,800 square foot organic garden in Vars to supply vegetables to its Kracker Katering social enterprise, which met most of the goals of the initial proposal.  It made Causeway’s work with disabled people and those living in poverty more sustainable by reducing costs, and by recycling wastes and water.


Don Palmer, Executive Director, 613-725-3494

Ecology Ottawa:

No Energy To Waste 

With a grant of $5,000, the OSFund joined forces with the YMCA, the Ontario Trillium Foundation, and Mountain Equipment Co-op to fund an innovative pilot project that showed that it is possible for community organizations to adopt more environmentally sustainable and energy-efficient practices.

Ecology Ottawa attracted the interest of energy firms - Kaladar Enersave Management, the Delphi Group, Marbek Resource Consultants, and Energy Ottawa - whose staff participated in the project by donating time and knowledge.

The No Energy to Waste! pilot project worked with three community agency partners: the Ottawa Mission, the Shepherds of Good Hope, and the Causeway Work Centre.  It established and trained staff green teams in each of the agencies.  It provided $11,000 worth of free energy audits.  Our partners also worked with the agencies to implement the most promising audit recommendations, including securing funding for upgrades.

To learn more, please read Ecology Ottawa's 2010 Annual Report.

OSFund Role
The funds provided by the Ottawa Sustainability Fund played a catalytic role.  They were used for staff, transportation, printing, and a comprehensive energy audit to supplement the in-kind donations mentioned above.

Ecology Ottawa: 613-860-5353; ecologyottawa.ca