Our People


Rebecca Aird,

Environmental Stewardship Coordinator, 
City of Ottawa, 
ex officio

Adam Frey,
Founder, Greening with Gratitude

Mary Hegan, M.S.W.,
Civic Entrepreneur

John G. Hollins, Ph.D.,
Kimberlin Associates

Paul M. Koch, P. Eng., (Chair) 

Management Consultant & Civic Entrepreneur

Roger Marsh,

Chief Energy Management Officer, Hydro Ottawa Holding Inc.

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Ecology?  Look it up.  You’re involved!

Rex Weyler
    slogan used on banners in Vancouver in 1971


Roderick M. Bryden
President & CEO, Plasco Energy Group

David Chernushenko
Councillor, City of Ottawa

Claude Haw, P.Eng.
Past President and CEO, 
Ottawa Centre for Research and Innovation 

Chris Henderson
President, Lumos Energy

Franklin A. Holtforster
President, MHPM Project Managers Inc.

Kristina Inrig,
President, Sustainable Foundations Inc.

Jay Kassirer 
President, Cullbridge Maketing & Communications

David SweanorJ.D.

Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Law, 
University of Ottawa

Jeff Westeinde, P. Eng.
Executive Chairman, Windmill 
Development Group, Ltd.

Jonathan Westeinde, MBA
CEO, Windmill Development Group, Ltd.

Howard Williamson
Williamson Consulting Inc.