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Human activity has warmed the Earth
In its fifth assessment, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change concludes that it is extremely likely (95-100% probability) that most of the global warming since 1950 has been due to human influences.

Ottawa Sustainability Tour
The OSFund was one of eight sponsors, led by IBM, that contributed to the development of the Ottawa Sustainability Tour by the Ottawa Biosphere Eco-City Initiative http://obec-evbo.ca/.  The Tour booklet was published in September, 2013.

OSFund featured in ottawa outdoors magazine.


The approach of many corporations to philanthropy and sponsorship has changed, according to Mark Sarner, President of Manifest Communications.  For a commentary based on his remarks to a conference in Ottawa on November 15, please click here: JGH9219,Notes.pdf


On 2013 April 18, Paul Koch, Chair, OSFund submitted an update to the 3i Springboard.pdf, which was held in Ottawa on May 3-5.


OTTAWA, ON – February 1, 2013  The Ottawa Sustainability Fund (OSF) is pleased to announce that it has awarded four grants totaling $23,000 to charitable organizations for the development of sustainability projects inthe City of Ottawa.  OSF Press Release 01_02_2013.pdf

 The OSFund announced on February 1 that it has awarded three grants for 2012 to:  
  • Faith & the Common Good (Greening Sacred Spaces);
  • The Rideau Valley Conservation Foundation,please click here for press release: RVCFmedia,rel.pdf
  • The Natural Step Canada.


Mayor Jim Watson presented the Mayor’s City Builder Award to Chris Henderson on 2012 October 24 for his community service and outstanding contributions to environmental sustainability.

Mr. Henderson, seen here with Mayor Jim Watson and Councillor Katherine Hobbs, was recognized for his inspirational leadership on a number of significant initiatives including his work as the co-convener of the 3i Summit on Environmental Sustainability, as convener of the Ottawa Strategic Circle Dinner, and lead organizer of 1000 Solar Rooftops.  Mr. Henderson is a Director of the Community Foundation of Ottawa and an Ambassador of the Ottawa Sustainability Fund.


The Advisory Committee invited some friends of the OSFund to a strategy session on 2012 January 26. For a brief synthesis report,please click here JGH9232,2p1-2.pdf


A breakout session at the 3i Summit, held in Ottawa on 2012 May 4, addressed Building on the Ottawa Sustainability Fund.  To read a synthesis report of the advice offered by the participants, click here: 



During the approach to the 17th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Interfaith Canada, an organization spanning the range of religious faiths in Canada, issued a call for leadership and action. 

Discussions on global warming generally are rooted in the policy issues related to science and economics, sometimes with a dash of ethical factors in the background.  The two-page callsuccinctly puts the moral and ethical issues front and centre.



The Minto Foundation contributed a further $16,000 to the OSFund at the beginning of March, 2011, bringing its donation as a Founding Protector to a total of $50,000.  Paul Koch, the OSFund's Chair, noted that this Minto pledge has been key to giving the Fund early credibility.  He has high hopes that the OSFund will continue to grow to become an ever more meaningful contributor to community-based environmental projects.


 Adam Frey, a recent graduate of the University of Ottawa, has adopted a novel approach to saving energy and money which is both pragmatic and philosophical.  He has calculated the savings from his actions to save energy and he has assigned 80% to further reduce his own ecological footprint, while giving 20% to others, including a donation to the OSFund.  To visit his website, please click here. To read a story at bullfrogpower, please click here.


On 2011 September 20, Catherine Kingston was interviewed on CBC Ottawa Morning about the Parish ofHuntley solar project.  She reported that the solar installation has been delivering power to the Ontario grid since September 9.  She acknowledged that the grant from the OSFund in early 2011 was what got the project off the ground by covering the cost of the engineering study.  NEWS RELEASE:  JGH9211,Huntley.pdf

In 2011, IBM celebrated its’ 100thanniversary by encouraging its employees and retirees to develop and participate in charitable events within their communities in return for grants to support their efforts.  

As an IBM retiree, Paul Koch, OSF Chair, used this opportunity to earn IBM grants to the OSFund of $5,000 and $10,000.  The first grant involved working with Ecology Ottawa in August to provide a solar energy education tour for 27 local IBMers, followed by the IBMers performing a cleanup of a major City park. 

IBMers visit Energy Ottawa's 

Dynamic Solar Array on Main Street

This resulted in a $5,000 grant that made it possible to support an additional project in the OSFund's January 2012 call for proposals. In addition, Paul was able to earn a $10,000 grant to support Ecology Ottawa in designing and conducting a Teachers Workshop on Energy Issues as part of an Earth Day related Forum for high school teachers to be held at the Museum of Nature on 2012 April 18 .

2011 UPDATE 
The Chair released an update on 2011 December 1:


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