OSFund's approach

The achievement of sustainable, low carbon futures will require the infusion of ecological sensitivity in everything we do: the way we think, the way we design, and the way we invest.

Ralph Torrie
Club of Rome Conference, Ottawa, 2013

Sustainable development is everybody’s business. Businesses and governments have clear roles to play, but the engagement of citizens and communities is an essential part of the picture.  

The Fund considers proposals from organizations in Ottawa
 with charitable status that offer either novel projects or those that have succeeded in other places.  The Advisory Committee will consider the capacity of each proponent to conduct its proposed project in a timely and effective manner.  It will assess the anticipated ability of the project and its proponents to catalyze action by the citizens, organizations, and corporations of the City of Ottawa.

The OSFund seeks projects and initiatives with clearly anticipated outcomes.  The key criterion is the likelihood that the results of a project will command attention in the community and persuade people and organizations to adopt or adapt techniques and practices proven by the project.  

OSFund itself seeks to raise awareness though its Ambassadors and Advisors, in partnership with like-minded organizations in the community, and by seeking to reach the citizens of Ottawa through the local media.  The OSFund is prepared to serve as a convenor to foster the development and delivery of promising projects.

Sustainability is not a scientific issue; it is not an intellectual issue; it is not a political issue.  It is a moral issue.

Claude Ouimet
Senior Vice President, InterfaceFLOR