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Tax Credit


For the guidance of donors, please note that in 2013 the first $200 donated to charitable organizations was eligible for a federal tax credit of 15% of the amount of the donation or donations. After the first $200, the federal tax credit increased to 29% of the amount over $200. 

A donor may also make a donation of stock or other property exempt from capital gains tax, if you are so fortunate to have made a gain (!), plus the tax credit for the donation.

For more details, please consult your accountant or 
Revenue Canada.

The value of a tax credit depends on the individual.  

By way of example, a donor resident in Ontario in the third of the four federal tax brackets, who had already contributed $200 to other charities, would receive a tax refund of $93 on a donation to the Fund of $200; i.e., it would actually cost the donor $107 to make this donation.