The OSFund has joined forces with Ottawa's EnviroCentre to assure the continuing delivery of its program of grants for community projects in the City of Ottawa.  
  • Please visit the new site at OSFund at EnviroCentre for the latest information or to apply for a grant; 
    • the Call for Proposals for 2017 closed on November 13.  
  • The manager of the OSFund may be contacted: 
This site at will maintain for a limited time the historical record of the first decade of the OSFund, including the approach taken by the OSFund.

The Ottawa Sustainability Fund (the OSFund) was created in 2006 as a philanthropic fund of the Community Foundation of Ottawa (the Foundation).  It enables donors to support with confidence projects that foster an environmentally sustainable society in the City of Ottawa. 

2015 GRANT
In May, a grant of $9,920 was made to the Healthbridge Foundation of Canada for its Bike Host Program. Please click here for a report, and here for a description of this project, which addresses both the environmental and social dimensions of sustainability.

Think globally – act neighborly 
 bumper sticker seen in the 
Farmers Diner, Quechee, Vermont 
by Bill McKibben, author of Eaarth
COP21 in 22 words
By comparison to what it could have been, it’s a miracle. 
By comparison to what it should have been, it’s a disaster.
                                                            George Monbiot

How did we get here? Click here for a paper on COP21 by Dr. John Stone, a member of the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society who resides in Ottawa.

Golder Associates became a Corporate Supporter of the OSFund in 2014.  
As a 100%-employee-owned company, it is committed to sustainable development.

OSFund is a vehicle that enables a multitude of donors — individuals, families, corporations, and governments — to support projects in the community that educate and inspire citizens and organizations to act to make the City of Ottawa more sustainable.  


We are all local citizens; we are all global citizens.  

Ian Johnson,
former Secretary General,
Club of Rome

The late John Walsh of Ottawa put it this way: I believe that community-type action is the key to making progress on sustainability issues. It is a way around the ‘tragedy of the commons’ that sets in when things are done at too a large scale.

According to Bill McKibben, access to cheap energy made us rich, wrecked our climate, and made us the first people on earth who had no practical need of our neighbours. Jane Jacobs insisted that cities are the fundamental building blocks of our economic lives. 

The OSFund provides a simple, practical way for neighbours in Ottawa to join forces to strengthen our collective ability to address whatever linked ecological, economic, and social stresses we and our successors may face. 

We can’t just sit around waiting for the global solution. There is a lot that can be done at a household level, at a community level, at a regional level.

Elinor Ostrom, 
Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences, 2009 

If you came from the stars
Across aeons of dark and cold
Upon a planet
That was not cold,
That did not burn,
That sparkled
In a great and glorious disk
Of sea blue and white swirl;
That was bright
Like a great jewel,
You might be forgiven
If, for a moment, 
You thought
You’d found heaven.

Clive Doucet,
First poet elected to Ottawa City Council;
from Canal Seasons
The OSFund invites and evaluates proposals, and follows the progress of the projects that it funds.  Decisions are made by the Fund's Advisory Committee.  
The financial affairs of the OSFund are managed by the Foundation.  The Foundation has created for the OSFund both a "flow-through" account (for short-term use) and an endowment account (for long-term income). 


The OSFund depends entirely on donations.  Donations to date amount to $216,000; the endowment account now stands at $154,000.  Income from the endowment account and flow-through donations had enabled the Fund to award $110,000 in grants to 18 projects as of 2015 June 1.  

The support given to these projects depended completely on the commitment and generosity of donors to the OSFund.  The OSFund acknowledges with appreciation their ongoing support and invites you to join forces with them.

To rapidly build its portfolio of projects, the OSFund invites its donors to put at least 75% of their contributions into the flow-through account. 

A sustainable society is everyone's business.  We at Marbek support the Ottawa Sustainability Fund as a vehicle that enables corporations and indviduals to contribute with confidence to sustainability in the communities of Ottawa.

George Matheson

Former Principal, Marbek Resource Consultants (now ICF Canada)