Pictorial Tour

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Our Savior Evangelical-Lutheran Church's second building was dedicated in April, 1943. The new entrance on Pine Street was added in 2002.

As you enter the Pine Street doors and climb the stairs, the first thing you see is the baptismal font and Paschal Candle. The Paschal Candle is lit during the Forty Days of Easter, at a baptism, and at a funeral of a baptized Christian. The font and candle are at the entrance to the nave to remind us that baptism is a Christian's entrance into the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church.

The nave is where the hearers of the Gospel sit, stand, sing, pray, and praise the Triune God. The word "nave" comes from a Latin word meaning "ship". We are in the good ship of the Church sailing toward our heavenly home. While we sail, we are fed with God's Holy Word and Sacraments.

Here is the nave decorated for Holy Christmas.

The stained glass windows in the nave portray the life of Jesus Christ. The window to your right as you face the altar, behind the organ bench, is the Holy Family: Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

As you work your way toward the narthex, the next two windows are the Boy Jesus in the Temple and Jesus the Good Shepherd.

The next two windows are Jesus in the home of Mary and Martha and Christ the Consoler.

The window in the southwest corner of the nave is Jesus portrayed as saying "Come unto Me".

The south wall of the nave portrays Jesus saying, "Come follow Me".

Going back into the nave in the northwest corner you see Jesus saying, "I Am the Way".

Working your way toward the chancel, you see two windows portraying Jesus rescuing Peter from the storm and our Lord's triumphal entry into Jerusalem.

The next two windows are Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane and the Crucifixion of our Lord.

Completing the circle around the nave is our Lord's Resurrection from the Dead.

The newest addition to our stained glass is the diamond window above the Pine Street doors. The Luther Seal window was designed and crafted by David Herriott of Kentland, IN.

The chancel is the focus of the hearers of the Gospel. Front and center are altar and cross, focusing attention where the Lord's Supper is distributed.

Surrounding the altar are two windows dedicated in memory of Pastor and Mrs. Louis Walper, Our Savior's longest serving pastor from 1939-1950. The Gospel side (north) is our Lord knocking on the door.

The Epistle side (south) is our Lord with little children. You can see the window from a distance as you view our processional cross located near the pulpit, where Christ crucified is preached.

Here is the pulpit. Not seen to the hearer, but seen to the preacher, is a small plaque on the pulpit that says, "Sir, we would see Jesus."

The Allen electronic organ was purchased second-hand in 1994 from a congregation in New Jersey. It is well voiced for our space and features MIDI capabilities including the ability to record and playback hymns in absence of an organist.

The church basement features the pastor's study, bathrooms, and a gathering space for Family Sunday School, Bible Study, and the annual Dorcas Society Chili Supper. A large kitchen is also in the basement.

We hope you enjoyed your tour of Our Savior Evangelical-Lutheran Church, Momence, IL. Please join us for Divine Service this weekend!