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PocketPicture allows you to turn your pocket PC into canvas and easel and be creative everywhere. It is useful to draw small icons as well as painting or editing rather big images (scrolling and zooming is supported).


  • Pencil & brushes of different width,
  • Air brush
  • Gas brush (with blurred edges)
  • Blur brush (watering)
  • Semitransparent brush (to add tint to existing pixels)
  • Selection copying, moving, resizing, cropping, rotating and flipping
  • Lines, ellipsis, rectangles
  • Flood fill with customizable tolerance
  • Undo / redo
  • Zoom in / zoom out
  • Select color from palette, from picture (with pipette), by RGB numbers or with Hue-Saturation-Value control (HSV seems to work only on WM 5.0)

It requires Microsoft .NET framework 2 installed. You can download and use it free. Sources available under LGPL license.

Write back to me to osdmsoftware at gmail dot com 


16-jan-2006. PocketPicture 2.2 is available. CAUTION! There are many new features in this version, and likely many new bugs. If you find one, send it to me.

  - Allow zoom less than 100%
  - Advanced Open/Save dialog (there is option to go back to standart WindowsMobile dialog)
  - Redo (there is option to turn it off)
  - Select all
  - New option: "Reorder tabs on clicks" - you can now turn it off
  - Show Hue-Saturation-Value controls in RGV color dialog if "HSV instead of palette" option is on
  - New option: "Select previous tool after using color selection tool" - you can now turn it off
  - New option: "When selecting area make pixels with current color transparent" - you can now turn it off,
    this option is also shown on selection tool panel ("Transparent" button) for quick access
  - If no area selected then copy to clipboard, rotate and flip actions operates on the whole image
  - Flood fill tolerance can be adjusted in options dialog
  - Other small enhancements

11-jan-2006.  PocketPicture 2.1 is available.
  - Less out of memory errors on opening big pictures
  - Show message if there is not enough memory for undo stack
  - Support for zero undo stack depth (if set in options)
  - Paste command now inserts selection in upper-left corner of current scrolled view
  - Air brush density and semitransparent brush transparency can be adjusted in options dialog
  - Version with lower-quality icons (changes visible only on VGA, but require less space)
  - Pack sources in source archive so that they can be built without additional work

11-jan-2006. Added bugs & feature requests link.

22-dec-2006. PocketPicture 2 is available. New convenient user  interface, major speed improvements, selection rotating, semitransparent and air brush.

24-nov-2006. PocketPicture 2 beta version available for download.

14-aug-2006. Added installer for Windows Mobile 2003, option to download .exe file remains if nothing else work. 

11-aug-2006. Added option to download .exe file, which can be copied directly to your device without .CAB. Seems like current .CAB file does not work on Windows Mobile 2003.

10-aug-2006. Forum changed. Now it would not require registration.

07-aug-2006. Version 1.0 released.

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