To help campuses ensure that their online courses are learner-centered and well designed, a team of COTE staff and campus stakeholders has designed the OSCQR Rubric, a customizable and flexible tool for measurement. 

The fifty incorporated standards focus on course design from the perspective of the Community of Inquiry (CoI) model, and help reviewers assess opportunities for social presence, cognitive presence, and teaching presence in addition to the overall online course educational experience. 

The OSCQR Rubric is intended to be used for reviewing course design rather than the actual course delivery.
The OSCQR Rubric is unique and differs from other online course quality rubrics in several ways. It is not restricted to mature online courses. The Rubric can be used formatively with new online faculty to help guide, inform and influence the design of their new online courses. It is non-evaluative.

Conceptually the rubric and process approach course review and refresh as a professional development exercise, to guide faculty in their understanding of improving course design from an effective practices perspective, rather than as a course evaluation, or quality assurance procedure.