Osceola County Surnames

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Osceola County, FL Surnames

SURNAME YEARS Ancestor's path of migration CONTACT
Appling, Ga.>
Osceola, Orange, Fl
Loretta Jordan
Barber 1890-? > Osceola Co, FL Jacki
Barber ?   Helen Fertic
Brock ? > Osceola Co, FL Daryl Brock
Chandler 1870-Present LA> Hillsborough Co, FL> Osceola Co, FL Jim Phillips and
Mary Phillips
Crosby 1799-present Beaufort, SC> Osceola Co, FL Linda Secco
Fertic ?   Helen Fertic
Gibson 1880-1943 Troup Co, GA> Franklin Co, FL> Osceola Co, FL Jim Phillips and
Mary Phillips
1885-present Macon, AL> Osceola, FL R.L. Meuse
Phillips 1916-1945 Lincoln Co, NC> Osceola Co, FL Jim Phillips and
Mary Phillips
Raulerson 1820-Present GA> Osceola Co., FL Harlan3247@aol.com
Overstreets c.1735-Present GA> Osceola Co., FL Jim Barker (deceased)