Confederate Civil War Veterans
Buried in Osceola County, FL

Compiled by Anza Bast, with the assistance of
Willis Winfrey and Vince Bronson
members of Jacob Summerlin Camp #1516 Sons of Confederate Veterans.
Art - Artillery
Batn - Battalion
Baty - Battery
Cav - Cavalry
Co - Company
Comm - Commissary
Dept - Department
Indpt - Independent
Inf - Infantry
Lt - Light
Regt - Regiment
Spc - Special
BC- Boggy Creek
BuC - Bull Creek
FP - Finney Point
K - Kenansville
MP - Mt. Peace
N - Narcoossee
PH - Pleasant Hill
PS - Partin Settlement
RH - Rose Hill
SC - Shingle Creek
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Note * - A visit to the cemetery will be made to determine the correct grave site.
ADERHOLD Jacob Wilson 28 Nov 1826 3 Apr 1911 Co A 1st Batn GA Inf Lt. Col. A03712 RH 1-50-2-A
ANDREWS Greenleaf   @ 1819 21 Jun 1892 Co B LA Militia,
Chalmette Regt
Capt.   RH  
BANDY James A. Oct 1831 14 Nov 1908 Soldier's Baty AL Pvt. A03415 RH 1-75-1-F
BARBER Isaac   1836 20 Mar 1870 Co I 8th FL Inf Pvt.   FP  
BARNES Edwin A.     Co K 2nd Regt 1st KY Pvt. A03660 RH 1-22-3-B
BARNES James A. 23 Sep 1832 12 May 1903 Co B 5th Regt Inf 1st Sgt. A11748 RH 1-171-3-G
BASS Archibald C. 6 Jul 1843 21 Feb 1909 Co G 50th GA Pvt. A03414 K  
BASS Crawford Harris 4 Jan 1839 27 Jul 1904 Co F 7th FL Inf Pvt.   RH 1-34-1-C
BASS George W.     Co. E 46th Regt GA Pvt.   RH 1-16-2-C
BASS Richard   18 Sep 1849 5 May 1935 Comm Dept Cow Cav Pvt. D23086 RH 1-128-2-F
BELL Thomas J. 1840 23 Jan 1913 Co H 46th Regt GA Pvt. A03832 RH  
BRACK William Jackson 16 Jul 1837 30 Apr 1901 Co C LA Inf     MP A-C-13
BREAKER David (Daniel) Manley 16 Mar 1931 15 Aug 1913 Co C 2nd Art SC Pvt. A04560 RH  
BRONSON George W. 20 Sep 1845 6 Nov 1910 10th Regt Inf Pvt. A01633 SC  
BRONSON George Washington 17 Oct 1841 26 Mar 1923 Home Guard Pvt. A02543 PH  
BRONSON John E. 7 Dec 1836 16 Nov 1910       SC  
BRONSON James Robert 16 Oct 1824 10 Apr 1892 Home Guard   D20199 PH  
BROWN William H.   14 Jan 1900 Co B 7th Regt Inf Sgt. A00752 RH  
CLARK Milton A.   9 Jul 1913 Co G 38th Regt GA Sgt. A04691 RH 1-3-8-D
CREWS Asbury   @1825 18 Nov 1905 1st Batn Spc Cav
Co D 10th FL Inf
Pvt. A00750    
DANN Elliot S.   7 Jan 1897 Co E 10th FL Inf Pvt. A00944 RH 1-30-5-C
DRAWDY Levi   1836 1913 Co I 8th FL Regt Pvt. D17721 Orange Co., FL  
EARNEST Charles E. 1834 15 Feb 1903 Co E 19th TN Pvt.   RH 1-44-1-G
EUBANK William Allen 9 Nov 1849 27 Nov 1913 FL Home Guards Pvt. A01634 BuC  
FENNELL Edmund Hawkin   26 Nov 1925 Home Guards
Capt. L. G. Lesley's Co
C. J. Mundlin Batn
Pvt. A02659 RH
(shows E. L. Fennell)
FENNELL George M.              
FEWELL John E. 18 Sep 1834 30 Apr 1911 Co A FL Cow Cav 2nd Lt.   RH 1-24-1-B
FRANKLIN Charles E.   27 Oct 1912 Capt. Nesbitt's,
Co B 1st SC Cav, Bugler
Pvt. A10279 RH 1-144-2-H
GARDNER Joseph Manley 1844 10 Mar 1928 Co F 6th SC Cav A07730 RH  
GILBERT James R.   30 May 1907 Co B 11th GA Inf Pvt. A03514 RH 1-12-8-B
GRAY C. P. 1841 Bur. 12 Feb 1915 Co C 8th AR Inf Pvt.   MP A-72-3
Lawrence Jefferson 1 Oct 1846 1 Aug 1913 Milton Lt Art FL Pvt. A01442 RH 1-200-2-F
HALL Joseph J. 1846 18 Dec 1915 Co B NC 5th Art Pvt. A4541 RH?  
HAMPTON James William   Bet. 1910 - 1920 Co K 44th TN Inf Cpl. A12242    
HARWELL John W. 4 Nov 1839 14 Sep 1903 Co B 8th AL & MS Cav Pvt. A12746 RH 1-140-3-F
HARWELL William S.     Co B 8th AL & MS Cav 1st Lt.   RH 1-140-3-E
IVEY Robert L. 30 Jan 1839 16 Oct 1912 Co. B 9th Regt FL Pvt.   SC  
IVEY William H.   14 Jul 1924 Co E 10th FL Inf Pvt.   SC  
JOHNS Christopher C. 4 Mar 1848 24 Mar 1928 Capt. Watson's Co
15th Conf Cav
Pvt. A02891 @PH  
JOHNS William Bart @1844 10 Jul 1888 Co. D 1st Regt FL Cav Pvt. A12296    
JOHNSON Stephen S. 9 Jun 1828 5 Jan 1915 Co D 1st Regt Cav Pvt. A05427 SC  
JOHNSON Thomas       Co G 50th GA Inf Pvt. A05424    
JOHNSTON William Reynolds 3 Jan 1844 16 Jun 1909 Co K Hampton's SC Legion     SC  
KEENE Joseph B. 10 Jul 1837 21 Aug 1898 Co D 10th FL Inf Pvt. A12284 SC  
LANIER Robert H. 7 May 1840 16 Dec 1921 Home Guard   A07936 ? PH  
William T.     Co I 3rd GA Militia Pvt. D19855 RH 1-3-2-B
MATHEWS Henry Allen 1842 23 Jul 1922
in Lakeland, FL
Co D 32nd GA Inf Pvt ? SC  
McKEE Benjamin     29 Dec 1907 Co D 11th Regt Inf Pvt. A00945 RH 1-143-4-C
McKINNEY Robert Craft 13 Nov 1848 Mar 1932 Indpt Units Capt. T. A. Henry Pvt. A10339 RH 1-88-3-F
McLAUGHLIN Henry   1 Apr 1837   Co E 10th Regt FL Pvt. A06312 SC  
McLAUGHLIN John   1841 31 Mar 1900 Co E 10th FL Inf Pvt.   RH 1-26-7-B
MCLAUGHLIN Littleton   1838 30 Oct 1896 Co F 7th FL Inf Pvt.   RH 1-26-7-C
Alexander M.   26 Oct 1911 Jeff Davis Legion MS Inf 1st Lt. A04282 RH 1-8-5-C
MOSELEY Thomas Reeves 12 Apr 1847 18 May 1928 Co C Jeff Davis Legion MS Inf Pvt. A02901 RH 1-177-3-C
OUTLAW Peter D. (Adolphus) 12 Nov 1832 9 Aug 1920 Co C 10th Batn GA Inf Pvt. A04675 RH 1-114-4-C
PADGETT James J. @ 1847 11 Jun 1930 Home Guard Capt.
Needham Yates Co
Pvt. A08689 RH 1-145-4-E or
See note *
PARTIN Henry Smith 10 Nov 1836 21 Apr 1912 Co I 7th FL Inf Pvt. A01313 RH 1-124-3-E
PARTIN Robert Charles 15 Mar 1840 14 Jun 1927 Co. F 4th FL Vol Inf Pvt. A02811 RH 1-227-2-F or
See note *
ROWLAND William Griffin @1812 31 Dec 1892 5th Batn Cav FL Cpl. A00946 PH  
SAVAGE Robert Barnwell 9 Mar 1834 17 May 1914 Co G 8th FL Inf Pvt. A10278 RH 1-130-2-G
SEARS William J.     Co G 5th Regt Capt. A03416 PH  
SHARPE Eliphalet F. 17 Nov 1823 27 Feb 1899/1900 Co K 61st GA Inf Capt. A03608 PS  
SIMMONS Robert W.     Co G 5th GA Regt Capt.   RH 1-145-3-F
SIMMONS William Owen 16 Feb 1822 5 Jun 1894 Co F 7th FL Inf Pvt.   N  
SIMMONS Robert Wilson 6 Jan 1845 1 Jul 1925 Co F 7th FL Inf   A07731 N  
SINGLETARY Richard W.     NC     RH  
SLADE William   3 Nov 1833 21 Sep 1909 Co I 2nd Regt FL Inf Pvt. A02087 PH  
SMITH Joseph Nathan 5 Mar 1846 26 Jan 1920 1st Batn Spc Cav   A02225 RH 1-64-2-B
SULLIVAN Berry A. 22 Apr 1844 6 Oct 1924 Home Guard
Capt. Needham Yates Co
Pvt. A02551 BC  
SULLIVAN Henry M. 26 Feb 1828 21 Oct 1914 Co A 10th FL Inf Pvt.   BC  
SYLVESTER Eli     25 Mar 1901 in Volusia Co. Co E 10 FL Regt Inf Pvt. A00751 PH  
SYLVESTER John P. 1828 19 Mar 1912 1st FL Cav 2nd Lt. A01614 PH  
THOMAS William Andrew 14 Feb 1843 5 Jan 1918 Co A 6th FL Inf Pvt. A06313 N  
TUCK Joseph Edwin 4 Jul 1842 9 Apr 1937 Co K 3rd GA Inf Pvt. A07728 RH 1-41-1-D
TUMBLIN John Hardy 1838 7 Jan 1884 Co I 8th Regt Inf Sgt. A00753 K  
TYNER Stewart T. 20 Feb 1840 13 Sep 1917 Co K 8th Regt FL Inf Pvt. A06374 SC  
WARREN Francis H. 22 May 1818 6 Jan 1913 Co F & K 8th FL Inf 1st Lt.   N  
WHALEY Thomas E. 13 Apr 1843 24 Dec 1897 Co G & E 2nd Regt FL Cav Pvt. A10246 FP  
John F. 3 Feb 1839 31 Aug 1904 Co G 13th GA Pvt. A03515    
WOODALL Jackson (Jasper) G.(N.) @1837 5 May 1907
(pension states 7th)
Co B 4th GA Inf Cpl A11418
for Jasper N.)
(J. N.)
YATES Jackson G. 22 Aug 1844 21 Mar 1916 1st Batn Spc Cav Watson's Co Pvt. A01842
for G. J. Yates
YATES John B.     Co H 5th Batn FL Cav Pvt.      
YATES Watson Burrell 9 Nov 1847 21 Aug 1929 Home Guard
Capt. N. Yates Co
Pvt. A08688 BuC  
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