Transcribed by Anza Bast

Source: ST. CLOUD TRIBUNE, Thursday, April 1, 1920, front pg. & pg. 8
(Note: punctuations are shown exactly as published in the article)

Visitors and Delegates Who Registered at Tribune Office

        The following names and addresses, together with such information concerning the various organizations they represented was enrolled at the Tribune office during the two days session of the encampment and convention of ladies organizations:

        John Cahow, member of Co. F, Eighteenth Michigan Infantry, stopping at 401 Pennsylvania avenue.
        W. H. Ellis, Co. H, Second Wisconsin Cavalry; stopping here at home of Mrs. Marskie, 508 Massachusettes ave.
        R. H. Densmore, Co. E 44th New York Infantry; residence at South Corinth, N. Y.,; Senior vice-president of Philadelphia Post 290, Corinth, N. Y.
        J. C. Patterson, U. S. N., W. T. Sherman Post No. 21; residence Pensacola Florida.
        George E. Field, Commander Department of Florida; Co. B. Sixth Michigan Cavalry and Co. D. of First Michigan Cavalry. Residence, Whitehouse, Florida,
        Capt. C. P. Leavitt, Co. H. Third W. Va. Cav., stopped at Green Gables, resides 543 Gilbert st., Columbus, O.
        W. H. Aultman, Co. I. 11th Pa. Vol. and Co. E. 206th Pa. R. R., residence Westmoreland, Pa; stopped here at Green Gables.
        John Cook, Co. I, 46th Wisconsin; residence Zephyrhills, Fla.
        W. R. Metzer, 51st Ill., Co. H, Signal Corps, Moline, Illis.; resides Fifth and Conneticut [sic] avenue, St. Cloud.
        John H. Ward, Co. D, 8th Indiana Cav.; residence Indiana avenue and Eleventh streets, St. Cloud.
        Chas. Seeber, Co. D. 33rd Wisconsin member Canby Post No. 8.. Paul, Minn., stopping on South Ohio, St. Cloud.
        E. F. Griffa, Co. K, 4th O. V. I.
        J. M. Sharp, Co. C. 32nd Regt. Wisconsin Volunteers.
        A. J. Thurber, Co. G. 87th N. Y. Vol.; and Co. K. 188th N. Y. of Rochester, N. Y., now living at Tenth Street and Conneticut [sic], St. Cloud, Fla.
        J. B. Boggs, Co. H, 29th O. V. I.; residence Lockport, N. Y., registered at St. Cloud Hotel, St. Cloud.
        F. M. Beaver, Co. C, 151 Ils Inf., residence Atwood, Kans.
        Geo. H. Spencer, 17th Conn., Regt. Dept. Asst. Adj. Gen Department of Florida, residence St. Augustine, Fla; registered at St. Cloud hotel.
        Mrs. Ella M. Fleming, Past National Chaplain, Ladies of the G. A. R.; residence Lakeland, Florida.
        Mrs. A. C. Shafffer [sic], Ladies of G. A. R.; Lakeland, Florida.
        Gideon Fry, Co. A, 4th W. Va. Inf.
        J. D. Wood, Co. F, 115 O. V. I., res, 210 N. Mass. Ave., St. Cloud
        S. S. Schmoyer, Co. D, 123 Lll. [sic], res. 5th and Ky. Ave.
        Z. Barager, Co. A, 13th Ia., res. 12th and Delaware Ave., St. Cloud.
        Ferdinand Rath, Co. F, 87th N. Y.; residence 6th and Minnesota Ave., St. Cloud.
        Fred Yust, Co. A, 21st Mo. Vol. Inf.,; residence Kissimmee, Fla.
        C. D. Harmon, 136th N. Y., St. Petersburg, Fla; registered at St. Cloud hotel.
        Chas. Edick, 1st N. Y.. Battery B, formerly resided at South Dayton, N. Y.; now resides Wyoming Ave., St. Cloud.
        M. B. Crosby, U. S. Navy, resides at St. Petersburg; stopped at home of Comrade N. W. Furgason.
        I. A. Spencer, Co. F., 14th C. V. St. Petersburg, Fla.; stopped at home of N. W. Furgason.
        Andrew Ogle, Co. I, 85th Penn.
        J. M. Crotts, Co. E, 14th Pa. Cav.; Orlando, Fla.; stopped at Lakeview Hotel.
        F. T. Crafts, Co. K. 3d Mass. Inf., of Boston, Mass.; stopping at Kissimmee.
        Willis Rogers, Co. L., 11th Ill. Cav.; 12th and Mississippi Ave., St. Cloud.
        Wm. E. Finch, Co. D, 1st Mich. Engineers; residence Zephyrhills, Fla.; stopped with Comrade Degraw. He claims to be youngest veteran at encampment that enlisted in '61. He is now 73 years old.
        Samuel Sage, Co. D, 109th Pa. Vols. Zephyrhills, Fla.
        Wm. D. Broomhead, U. S. N. (S. S. Huntsville, St. Lawrence and Camelia), Chicago, Ill. Stopped at Lakeview Hotel.
        Matt Schatzlein, Co. E, 54th N. Y. Vet. Vols.; Kissimmee, Fla.
        E. W. Morgan, Co. M, 11th Kansas, 202 S. Penn. Ave., St. Cloud.
        Nurse Williams, W. R. C.; Nurse for the encampment.
        Robt. Gallagher, Shelbyville, Tenn.
        J. E. Marshall, Dayton, Pa.
        Theo. Hamm, Co. A, 95th Ill. Inf. residence Oregon Ave., St. Cloud.
        James Campbell, Co. G, 153d Ill. Inf.; 703 Indiana Ave., St. Cloud.
        Wm. H. Bordner, Co. A, 127th Reg. and 208 Reg. P. V. Ninth Corps, 600 Mass. Ave., St. Cloud.
        Jacob H. Eby, Co. K, 81st O. V. I., 518 Portage St., Kissimmee.
        Ge. W. Grant, Vo. M., Merrit's Horse, St. Cloud, Fla.
        Geo. H. Hoyt, Co. I, 6th Reg. Conn. Vol., Bethel, Conn.; Bon Aair [sic] Hotel, St. Cloud, Fla.
        Anson Paine, Co. A, 115th Ill. Inf., Hillsboro, Ill.; stopped at Bon Air hotel.
        Jacob Miller, Co. F, Ill. Inf., Tampa, Florida.
        W. F. Vaughan, Co. B, 41st Ill., Decatur, Ill.
        E. F. Mann, Co. E, 3rd Reg. R. I. Heavy Artillery, 727 Penn. Ave., St. Cloud, Fla.
        C. J. Rhodes, Co. K, 44th and 6th Mass., Zephyrhills, Fla.; stopped at home of Theo George.
        G. P. McMillen, Co. H, 3d Md. Inf.: Zephyrhills, Fla.; stopped at home of Theo George.
        Mrs. E. A. Van Lewen, Kissimmee, Fla., W. R. C.
        Mrs. E. L. Mayfield, Ladies of the G. A. R., Kissimmee.
        C. H. Parker, Co. I, 1st N. Y. Eng., St. Petersburg, Fla.
        Lafayette Slifer, Co. I, 8th Ind. Vol; Mrs. Lafayette Slifer, Indianapolis.
        John Techtman, Co. F,9th Wis., St. Cloud, Fla.
        B. Franklin, Raze. Co. G, 9th N. Y. Heavy Artillery, Post 9, B. of G. A. R.; Cammillus, N. Y.
        Franklin Plank, Go. G, 9th N. Y. Heavy Artillery, Bryant Post No. 119, Hopkins, Minn.
        LaRue Peck, Co. I 14th N. Y. Heavy Artillery, Post 9, Buffalo, N. Y.
        Dr. H. Penrod and wife; Co. B, 54th Ohio Vols.; Kit Carson Post No. 26, St. Petersburg, Fla.; stopped at Green Gables.
        Robert Stillman, Co. G, 9th N. Y. Heavy Artillery, Keesley Post, Walcott, N. Y.
        A. W. Smith and wife; 35th Ind.; Newcastle, Ind.
        S. J. Bailey, Co. B, 72d N. Y. Jamestown, N. Y.
        M. H. Porter, Co. D, 2d O. V. C., Kissimmee, Fla.
        A. E. Boies, Dept. of Iowa; St. Petersburg, Fla.
        James H. Greene, Dept. of Mass.; St. Petersburg, Fla.
        M. B. Crosby, Dept. of Mass.; St. Petersburg, Fla.
        C. M. Tibbals, Dept. of Rhode Island, St. Petersburg, Fla.
        J. M. Walker, Co. A, 1st Ohio Light Artillery. 14th and Mass. Ave., St. Cloud, Fla.
        Geo. MacFern, Co. F, 1st Conn. Cav., Co. G, 30th N. J., Lawrence, Mich.
        Dr. Wm. Critchley, 3d Brigade Band, 3d Div., 9th A. C. of Mass., Casadaga, Fla; stopped at Lake View Hotel.
        Geo. W. Ellis, Co. A, 51 O. V. I., of Cleveland, Ohio.
        Samuel S. MClure, Co. D, 100th Pa. Vol, St. Cloud, Fla.
        Thos. B. White, Co. B, 69th O. V. I. (1st Lieut.), Cincinnati, O.
        Peter A. Palin, Co. K, 143d New Jersey Vol. Inf., Orlando, Fla.
        Uriah Seeley, Co. D, 29th New Jersey Vol. Inf., Orlando, Fla and Newark New Jersey.
        T. S. Gillis, Co. E., 83d Ill. Inf., St. Augustine, Fla.
        Amos Kiehl, Co. B, 142d Pa. Vol. Greensburgh, Pa.
        Alfred Tanner, Co. K, 16th O. V. I., Creston, O., and Matia, Fla.
        John W. Shenefield, Co. B, 91st O. V. I., Sparkman, Fla.
        Miss Mary Brown, 22 Jackson Ave., Bartow, Fla., member of Ladies of the G. A. R.; stopped with Mrs. Rush on Pennsylvania Ave.
        Mr. E. E. Webster, member of Ladies of G. A. R., 22 Jackson Ave., Bartow, Fla.
        A. G. Webster, Co. K, 73d Ind., of Critchton, Ala.
        Mrs. P. L. Webster, Critchton, Ala.
        M. H. Reed, 45th Ohio, Co. B, Lake Mary, Fla.
        Alice Thrasher, Kissimmee, Fla.
        Mrs. A. Dow, Kissimmee, Fla., No. 6
        B. G. Kimball, Beaver Circle No. 64.
        Geo. H. Nason, Co. K, 35th Mass. Vol. Inf., Post 26, Roxbury, Mass.
        Wm. E. Starr, Co. B, 14th Conn. Vol. Inf., Post Lafayette 140, Dept. N. Y., Cranford, N. J.
        Sarah Parker, Prest., St. Petersburg Circle, Ladies G. A. R., Dexter House.
        Mrs. LaVinnia Bowser, Chase Dept. St. Petersburg, Fla.
        Mrs. B. Modie, Kissimmee, Fla.
        Mrs. Jennie R. Lowel, Kissimmee.
        Mrs. C. E. Ellis, St. Augustine, Fla.
        Bertha Potter, Dept. Prest., Ladies G. A. R., St. Petersburg, Fla.
        Emma Robertson, Dept. Sec. Ladies G. A. R., St. Petersburg, Fla.
        Ella Brown, delegate Ladies G. A. R., St. Petersburg, Fla.
        Elizabeth Ellithorpe, Ladies G. A. R., Chicago, Ill.
        Mrs. Emma Lloyd, Ladies G. A. R., Oklahoma.
        Mary Russ, Ladies G. A. R., Belfast, Maine.
        Mrs. Amanda Wemple, Ladies G. A. R., Kissimmee, Fla.
        Mrs. Virginia Gannon Conklin, Grand Circle No. 1, Washington, D. C.
        Mrs. Mattie Porter, Ladies G. A. R., Kissimmee.
        Mrs. Helen Wright, Lakeland, Fla.
        Mrs. Elizabeth Ebersole, Ladies G. A. R., Lynn Haven, Fla.
        Mrs. W. H. Wilson, Ladies G. A. R., Lynn Haven, Fla.
        Mrs. Eunice Rolland, Ladies G. A. R., Lynn Haven, Fla.
        Mrs. F. A. Souders, Ladies G. A. R., Kissimmee.
        Mrs. Mary Skinner, Ladies G. A. R., St. Augistine, Fla.
        Mrs. Abby Whitcomb, Ladies G. A. R., St. Augustine, Fla.
        Mrs. C. E. Gillis, Ladies G. A. R., St. Augustine, Fla.
        Mrs. M. Cosner, Ladies G. A. R., Kissimmee, Fla.
        C. K. Bailer, Co. A, 2d Bat., 18th U. S. I., St. Petersburg, Fla.
        E. E. Webster, Co. F, 14th Wis. Vol, Bartow, Fla.
        H. B. Jeffries, Pvt. Co. F, 28th Pa., Vol, Capt. B 72d N. S. C. I., Dept. Commander Fla., 1918, Zephyrhills.
        James Skinner, Co. K, 44th Wis., Dept. Commander 1909-10; St. Augustine, Fla.
        Geo. A. B. Cooke. Sergt. Co. H, 123d Vol. Pa. Inf., Post Commander Ed. M. Protzman Post No. 72, Dept. of Mich; Three Rivers, Mich.
        Chas. L. Garret, Co. H, 111th N. Y. Vol.,Delphi, Ind.
        Mrs. Chas. L. Garrett, Delphi, Ind.
        John Hart. 12th Ill. Cav., Kissimmee.
        Wm. W. Wright, Co. H, 1st Ohio Light Artillery. 711 East Orange Ave., Lakeland, Fla.
        James N. Kline, Reno Post No. 16, Dept of Pa., Williamsport, Pa.
        U. M. Cornell, Co. H, 11th Ill. Cav., Eustis, Fla.
        Thomas Stofer, 405 Tyler St., Tampa. Fla.
        Mrs. Elsie Nottage, Mrs. Amanda Kelso, St. Petersburg, Fla.
        Mrs. Cora Hutchins, Dade City, Fla.
        S. E. Martin, Co. K, 1st Minn. Vol. Inf., Brocket, N. Dak.
        Rev. Moses B. Sloan, Chaplain, Orphans Home, Pittsburg, Pa.
        M. V. Burt, Cuyahaya Falls, Ohio, and Tampa, Fla.
        Kit Carson Post No. 26, St. Petersburg
        Commander, I. A. Spencer; Surgeon John R. Basiger; Quartermastch [sic], Dr. H. J. Penrod; C. H. Parker; Officer of the Day, C. K. Bailer; Senior Vice Commander, C. D. Hammond; J. B. Smith
        W. R. C. St. Petersburg
        Mesdames Elsie Nottage, Rosa Waggoner, Anna Binnie, Rosa Basinger, Lettie Penrod, E. Oglethorpe, A. M. Kelso.
        Ladies G. A. R., St. Petersgurg [sic]
        Mesdames Sarah Parker, Callie Brown, Bertha L. Potter, Emma A. Robertson, Babbette Oertley.


        The Department of Florida, Grand Army of the Republic was organized June 19, 1884, and on December 31, 1914, reported a membership of 812, with 26 posts in the state. T. S. Wilmarth of Jacksonville was the first department commander of the Florida organization.

        Other commanders and dates of service were as follows:
        1886 - G. H. Norton, now deceased.
        1887 - E. W. Henck, Plainsfield, N. J.
        1888 - W. James, Jacksonville, Fla.
        1889 - J. W. V. R. Plummer.
        1890 - Fred S. Goodrich.
        1891 - John H. Welsh.
        1892 - J. De V. Hazzard, Eustis, Fla.
        1893 - Geo. F. Foote, Washington, D. C.
        1894 - David L. Way, Jacksonville, Fla.
        1895 - P. E. McMurray.
        1896 - L. Y. Jenness.
        1897 - Charles M. Ellis, Jacksonville, Fla.
        1898 - Geo. H. Packwood.
        1899 - Edwin KIrby.
        1900 - E. V. Richards, Lynn Haven.
        1901 - John S. Fairhead.
        1902 - S. Herbert Lausing.
        1903 - J. F. Chase.
        1904 - Henry Marcotte, St. Augustine, Fla.
        1905 - T. J. Owen.
        1906 - Wm. E. Emerson.
        1907 - Samuel W. Fox, Jacksonville, Fla.
        1908 - S. R. Hudson, Orlando, Fla.
        1909 - James Skinner, Archer, Fla.
        1910 - James O. Thompson, St. Petersburg, Fla.
        1911 - Joseph Bumby.
        1912 - Wm. P. Lynch, St. Cloud, Fla.
        1913 - Wm. S. Siggins, Zephyrhills, Fla.
        1914 - Lyman Leighton, St. Petersburg, Fla.
        1915 - James F. Bullard, St. Cloud, Fla.
        1916 - W. H. Mellroth, deceased, Jacksonville, Fla.
        1917 - John A. Wallace, Tampa, Fla.
        1918 - H. B. Jeffries, Zephyrhills, Florida
        1919 - Theo. W. B. Brake, deceased, St. Petersburg, Fla.
        1919 - Retiring Commander - Geo. E. Fields, Whitehouse, Fla.


        L. L. Mitchell Post. Grand Army of the Republic, had on hand several hundred beautiful souvenir badges, with a greeting for the visitors to the encampment, which had on the top of a fine piece of satin ribbon an orange in natural colors, that was produced by a four-color process in the Tribune office, with blue lettering, making in all five operation on the badge to complete the color scheme. The Tribune and the Post have been receiving congratulations on the dainty badge which will make a lasting souvenir of the encampment here this week, and will serve as a book mark for visitors that came here from all parts of the country.
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