Postcards of St. Cloud
Osceola county, FL

Postcard Images From Mike Bast's Collection

All postcards on this page are part of Mike Bast's Postcard Collection. Thank you Mike!

Most of these postcards are from the early 1900s. Some are reproductions of older photos in a newsprint style. Many are rare. Exact dates are typically postage dates.

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Buildings of Saint Cloud

Disston Sugar Mill
1926 High School
1911 City Council
1911 City Council (back)
Clinton Goodhue Residence
First National Bank
Joyland Beach
Lamb Residence
Tenting at St. Cloud
Wise? Residence
Wise? Residence (back)

Churches of Saint Cloud

c1910 Baptist Church
c1910 Christian Church
c1910 ME Church
1916 Presbyterian Church
1932 Presbyterian Church
1954 St. Luke and St. Peter

Hotels of Saint Cloud

1913 St. Cloud Hotel
1923 New St. Cloud Hotel

Military of Saint Cloud

1910-20 GAR Parade
GAR Memorial Hall
GAR Mem Hall - laying
GAR Mem Hall - laying (back)
Veterans Memorial Library
War Veterans Memorial

Street Scenes of Saint Cloud

c1910 New York Avenue
1929 New York Ave
1929 New York Ave #2
1947 New York Ave
New York Ave
New York Ave #2
Florida Avenue
Indiana Avenue
1912 Pennsylvania Ave
Penn. Ave after Fire Jul 1917

Scenes at Saint Cloud

14 Views of St. Cloud

Scenes at St. Cloud
Scenes at St. Cloud (back)

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