Naming of Osceola County, FL

transcribed by Anza Bast

Source: Kissimmee Valley Gazette, Friday, March 22, 1912, pg. 9


Name Was Suggested by the Late Hon. J. M. Bryan

        With the universal interest and sympathy being taken in the Seminole Indians of Florida, come numerous inquiries concerning the naming of the county of Osceola - how the name was given and by whom. After various failures to find the information, Mr. J. M. Willson, Jr., of this city, furnishes the facts, as gotten from the State Chemist R. E. Rose, who was one of the committee appointed at the time of the creation of the new county - the present Osceola county being taken from Brevard, and Orange counties.

        When the subject of a name for the new county was mentioned, writes Capt. Rose, several were suggested, viz.: "Okee-cho-bee," "Disston," and "Bloxham." The name "Osceola," as an honor to the famous war chieftain, was suggested by the late Hon. J. M. Bryan, and immediately adopted by the conference. This is a bit of interesting history to remember.

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