History of Kissimmee
Osceola County, Florida

Transcribed by Lisa Slaski, member of the Genealogy Club of Osceola County

Source: "Directory and Guide of Florida Railways for Shippers 1920-21"


The county seat of Osceola County. Among the cities of South Florida, Kissimmee stands out with a prominence that is justly deserved. Its renown as one of the progressive, fast-developing communities in a section remarkable for its rapid advancement in every line, has gone forth to other parts of the country, borne by the thousands of visitors who journey through this land of potential resources and wealth.

Almost every phase of enterprise is embraced in the operations carried on in the territory surrounding Kissimmee; the cattle industry was originally the main support of this section, but conditions are changing with each succeeding year, and today the agriculturist forms the mainstay of the business structure.

The location of the city on beautiful Lake Tohopekaliga is in itself an asset of considerable importance. Water transportation through the chain of lakes and rivers southward to Lake Okeechobee makes commerce possible with the territory along this route, and a large proportion of the trade with the "back country" is carried on by this means.

Offering railroad facilities that are recognized as ample for every purpose, Kissimmee, with its location on the main line of the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad between Jacsonville and Tampa, receives the benefits accruing therefrom.

Kissimmee is situated 79 miles from Tampa and 165 miles south of Jacksonville, with many populous and growing communities located in every direction in the immediate vicinity.

The Residence district of Kissimmee is made up of shady streets, sheltered from the rays of the noon-day sun by wide-spreading oaks, with their festoons of Spanish moss, while well-kept lawns and blossoming flowers form an added attraction to the temporary or permanent resident.

Lake Tohopekaliga's waters furnish cooling breezes in the summer season and during the winter months afford protection from chilling winds, forming an effective barrier against damaging frosts which might do injury to the tender vegetation of this section. Its beauty and charm add materially to the desirability of Kissimmee.

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