History of Kenansville
Osceola County, Florida

Transcribed by Lisa Slaski, member of the Genealogy Club of Osceola County

Source: "Directory and Guide of Florida Railways for Shippers 1920-21"

Kenansville is located in Osceola County on the Okeechobee Branch of the Florida East Coast Railway, fifty miles north of Okeechobee, and about the same distance from Kissimmee, then county seat of Osceola County, and the nearest town to the north.

Oranges and grapefruit are produced readily and of excellent quality. The average shipments of these fruits is about ten cars. There is a small private packing plant here where part of the fruit is packed.

Cattle and hogs are raised in large numbers on the open range and appear to thrive but would yield better results with tame pasture and better care. Many varieties of grasses for suitable pastures and for hay grow luxuriantly.

The timber yields turpentine and resin in large quantities and is distilled here so far as the industry is developed. New distilleries are now being installed and the business is expected to be developed on a large scale in the immediate future. A sawmill is to be located here soon. Arrangements are completed for timber, both cypress and pine. Lumber, lath, shingles and material for fruit and vegetable crates, boxes and barrels are to be manufactured on an extensive scale.

Grasses, most vegetables and many grains can be grown so readily that it is confidently expected that dairies and fruit and vegetable packing will soon be among the permanent and profitable industries of this section.

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