1920-21 Shippers on the
Atlantic Coast Line R.R.
Osceola County, Florida

Transcribed by Lisa Slaski, member of the Genealogy Club of Osceola County

Source: "Directory and Guide of Florida Railways for Shippers 1920-21"

Classified List of Industries and Shippers on the Atlantic Coast Line R.R.


Citrus Fruit Growers
H. E. Brown & Bro. 20 acres 1,900 boxes
W. W. Clark 10 acres 500 boxes
C. J. Lamb 10 acres 500 boxes
E. L. Leely 30 acres 800 boxes
A. S. Nelson 15 acres 300 boxes
W. J. Bronson 20 acres 500 boxes
S. C. Acree 20 acres 500 boxes
Edgewater Farms 40 acres 2,000 boxes
H. L. Overstreet 10 acres 500 boxes
Lawson & Co. 10 acres 1,000 boxes
J. T. Bevis 15 acres 200 boxes

Saw, Planing and Lath Mills and Manufacturers of Sash, Doors and Blinds and other Lumber Products
J. K. Singletary 10,000 ft per diem, saw mill, rought lumber


Automobile Dealers, Accesories and Garages
Lupfer & Prather
Osceola Auto co.
Osceola Motor Co.
Mach Bros.

Boxes, Barrels, Crates, Hubs, etc.
Mach Bros., Manufacturing Crates

Brick, Tile, Sewer Pipe, etc.
A. L. Davidson, concrete
B. Dickerson, concrete
Tucker Brick Co., brick

Building Material and Supplies
Lakeshore Novelty Works
Lakeside Veneer Mills
Osceola Hardware Co.
J. K. Singeltary

Cigar and Tobacco Factories
A. S. Gilbert, cigars
G. D. Boone, cigars

Citrus Fruit Growers
Hamilton Bros. 10 acres 200 boxes
Robert Parin 30 acres 700 boxes
W. H. Anderson 25 acres 30 boxes
Ed. Whaley 60 acres 7,000 boxes
George Brunson 10 acres 300 boxes
W. J. Burns 10 acres 500 boxes
J. C. Hilliard 15 acres 2,000 boxes
C. H. Funk 10 acres 1,000 boxes
I. Brunson 16 acres 300 boxes
I. Lanier 10 acres 1,000 boxes
G. B. Lawson 5 acres 500 boxes
Tom Hughey 10 acres 1,000 boxes
Jeff Barber 10 acres 1,000 boxes
W. A. McCool 15 acres 500 boxes
Parson Cattle Co. 40 acres 3,000 boxes
G. F. Kribbs 15 acres 500 boxes
B. C. Miller 10 acres 1,000 boxes
M. Katz 10 acres 4,000 boxes
City of Kissimmee 20 acres 1,500 boxes
Sam Barber 15 acres 1,500 boxes
Joe Ward 10 acres 500 acres
J. W. Oliver 15 acres 3,000 boxes
George Sullivan 5 acres 200 boxes
A. D. Story 10 acres 500 boxes
Mrs. Bronson 20 acres 300 boxes
J. M. Lee Estate 20 acres 8,000 boxes
C. E. Franklin 20 acres 1,000 boxes
J. Brunson 5 acres 500 boxes
E. D. Overstreet 20 acres 200 boxes
Dr. Phillips 40 acres 3,000 boxes
W. L. Mosely 25 acres 800 boxes
R. D. Grice 10 acres 500 boxes
J. S. Bronson 20 acres 1,000 boxes
C. S. Acree 10 acres 500 boxes
H. L. Todd 10 acres 500 boxes
T. F. Overstreet 10 acres 500 boxes
S. Partin 20 acres 2,000 boxes
Miscellaneous 100 acres 3,000 boxes

Crates and Crate Materials
Bach Bros.

Electric Power Plants, Hydro-Electric or Steam
Kissimmee Light & Water Co, electric

Fertilizer Brokers, Fertilizer Materials, Cotton Seed meal, etc.
Coe-Mortimer Co.
Waters-Carson Co.

Fruit Packing Houses
G. Huppell
Florida Citrus Exchange

Vegatable Growers
Beans 25 acres
Potatoes 1,200 acres
Cabbage 100 acres
Celery 15 acres
Cucumbers 50 acres
Eggplant 50 acres
S. B. Altman
R. Thomas
W. C. Bass
J. W. Brown
C. A. Garrett
J. S. Stratton
C. S. Acree
T. H. Tyner
L. E. Voorhees
J. K. Hillard
F. C. Bryan
J. R. Gilbert
A. D. Gilbert
Carson Cattle Co.
George Sullivan
J. W. Miller
W. J. Barber
J. W. Tucker
A. L. King
H. Johnson
T. A. Hewett
Ed Brunson
Chas. Sessions
S. L. Luffer
J. L. Overstreet
B. Allen
George Overstreet
R. J. Hanson
Tom Lamb
A. E. Thomas
H. A. Myers
H. N. Bratton
H. W. Boyer
Dan Lanier
C. L. Hart
S. C. Partin
C. L. Bandy
J. E. Bass
G. W. Fox
M. F. Deitz
E. L. Reep
A. R. Smith
Osceola Co.
L. M. Whidden
J. N. Hansell
Clark Howell
W. D. Simmons
M. Pledger
Ira Bass
P. Bass
T. Bass

Wholesale Merchants
Waters & Carson Grocery Co, general line
Kissimmee Bottling Co., bottling works


Citrus Fruit Growers
H. T. Butler 10 acres 700 boxes
A. Haycock 14 acres 1,500 boxes
A. F. Bass 5 acres 500 boxes
F. Roberson 5 acres 400 boxes
J. B. Tindall 5 acres 400 boxes
R. L. Evan 10 acres 700 boxes
J. C. Tyson 5 acres 500 boxes
C. E. Dennig 5 acres 400 boxes
C. W. Burnes 20 acres 1,500 boxes
R. F. Burnes 5 acres 300 boxes
F. D. Little 5 acres 200 boxes
E. F. Lockwood 10 acres 1,000 boxes
Cadman Bros. 20 acres 2,000 boxes
F. W. Hill 10 acres 1,200 boxes
M. P. Tindall 5 acres 400 boxes
J. T. T. Tindall 10 acres 1,000 boxes
G. F. Austin 4 acres 300 boxes
W. J. S. Carr 3 acres 200 boxes
S. L. Whitted 5 acres 400 boxes
W. E. smith 10 acres 1,000 boxes
J. W. Tyson 5 acres 300 boxes
J. H. Robinson 5 acres 300 boxes
Miscellaneous 10 acres 800 boxes

Saint Cloud

Building Material and Supplies
F. F. F. H. Pope
F. E. Williams
Morgan and Buckley

Electric Power Plants, Hydro-Electric or Steam
City Electric Co.

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