1887 Narcoossee Directory

Transcribed by Lisa K. Slaski, Benealogy Club of Osceola County, member

Source: "Richards Orange County Gazetteer, 1887," Jno. R. Richards & Co., Jacksonville, FL transcribed from the online Central Florida Memory Collection (Orange County Library)

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Population 116

Charles Carroll, postmaster. First settled in 1884. Situated on the east side of East Tohopekaliga lake, 30 miles southeast of Orlando, the county seat, and 10 miles east of Kissimmee, the nearest railroad, telegraph and express station. Has a steam saw mill, two stores, hotel and meat market. Mails Wednesday and Saturday. Hack communication with Kissimmee, fare $1. Lands sell at $10 to $50 per acre.

Bars A. W., butcher
Carroll Charles, postmaster
Comber D., carpenter
Comber Thomas, carpenter
Deec S. W., carpenter
Fell & Davidson, saw and planing mill
Hall A. W., propr Narcoossee Hotel
Hall W. M., butcher
Hill & Tupper, genl mdse
Narcoossee Hotel, A. W. Hall, propr
Reid T. S., gen mdse
Thomas W. A., boarding
Ubson S. B., carpenter

Business Section

Contractors and Builders
Comber D., Narcoossee
Dees S. W., Narcoossee
Ubson S. B., Narcoossee

General Merchandise
Hill & Tupper, Narcoossee
Reid T. S., Narcoossee

Narcoossee Hotel, Narcoossee

Meat Markets
Bars A. W., Narcoossee
Hall W. M., Narcoossee

Saw Mills
Fell & Davidson, Narcoossee

Orange Growers
Agnew A. V., Narcoossee
Budd S. H., Narcoossee
Bryon I. O., Narcoossee
Carr W. I. S., Narcoossee
Comber T., Narcoossee
Davidson George, Narcoossee
Dees S. W., Narcoossee
Edgley F., Narcoossee
Evans J., Narcoossee
Fell Mrs., Narcoossee
Fell & Davidson, Narcoossee
Freind S. V., Narcoossee
Hall A. W., Narcoossee
Hall W. M., Narcoossee
Haycock A., Narcoossee
Murray J. R., Narcoossee
Ray W., Narcoossee
Reid T. S., Narcoossee
Remington A., Narcoossee
Rice J. A., Narcoossee
Rosselle A., Narcoossee
Rosenberg O., Narcoossee
Shivelock J., Narcoossee
Thomas W. S., Narcoossee
Tupper I. P., Narcoossee
Warner W. R., Narcoossee
Woodham A. E., Narcoossee

Post offices
Narcrosse and Narcoossee both listed as post office and money order

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