Internal Memory

What is internal memory?
Internal memory are parts of your computer that, when running, can store small amounts of data that need to be accessed quickly. They are different from storage devices as most of them (With the exception of ROM) are volatile which means they don't permanently store data like a hard drive drive, they get wiped when the computer turns off.

What types of internal memory are there?
There are three main types of internal memory, RAM ROM and Cache, all are different and have their own unique benefits.
Ram is volatile memory that is used to store whatever is in use by the computer, it acts as a middle man between the CPU and the storage device which helps speed up the computer. When you try to access a piece of information, such as opening an application, it gets moved from the hard drive to the ram. The CPU then reads from the ram instead of the hard drive as it can access the ram and read from it much faster than it can if the data was still on the hard drive. Ram comes in many forms, but it is most common type is DDR3, which are small sticks as seen to the right, which plug into the motherboard. RAM comes in many different sizes from 
1Megabyte up to 8Gigabytes per stick, most motherboards can support up to 4 sticks!
Cache is really small, super fast memory found in various components of a computer. In the CPU cache is used to store small bits of frequently accessed data from the RAM so that the processor doesn't have to wait for the RAM to respond every time it wants the same piece of information. Cache is volatile, like RAM, so it wipes clear whenever the computer gets turned off.
ROM, unlike other internal memory, is non volatile. ROM stands for read only memory, this means that the user cannot write data to the ROM without special access. ROM is usually found as a chip(s) on the motherboard and is used to store the bios of the computer along with other important information that is needed to function. ROM was deigned so that the bios could be accessed by the computer without the need for other parts of hardware.