An Invitation from the Osborn Island Residents Association

The members of the Osborn Island Residents Association (O.I.R.A.) invite you to join OIRA, and help us help you.   OIRA’s activities benefit all of the homeowners on our island.   Only $25 a year helps us get these things done and will keep you informed about the things that are happening and that impact you and the Island.

The O.I.R.A. Mission Statement

OIRA was formed in order to preserve the environment and quality of life on Osborn Island; to generate neighborliness among its residents and protect the value of their property; to discourage over-development and commercial exploitation of the area, and to encourage pride in the region’s history.

What does OIRA Do?

OIRA and its volunteer members donate time and money to various worthwhile efforts and organizations that benefit the Island.   Examples are a twice annual Radio Road and beach clean-up, maintaining the Osborn Island Sign, providing Bridge Flags.

OIRA also has members and committees that lobby for improved municipal services and better local government, pursue ways to get our streets maintained and protect our shorelines and maintain our beach.

 OIRA makes donations to the Little Egg Harbor P.A.L., the Little Egg Harbor Memorial Day Committee, the local Inter-Church Food Bank and we fund two nominal Scholarships for the Pinelands Regional High School. OIRA also collects products and food to send to our troops in Afghanistan and/or Iraq.   We keep our members informed.   OIRA sends members (electronically, or by mail, if requested) bi-monthly Meeting Minutes and a Scuttlebutt on most off meeting months.   These communications strive to keep Members informed of OIRA’s activities and apprised of relevant local and governmental issues impacting Osborn Island and its property owners.  Lastly, OIRA orchestrates several social events during the year for our members and non-members in an effort to foster neighborhood and camaraderie.

OIRA activities you may participate in include:

Neighborhood Crime Watch

Neighbor-To-Neighbor Help Program

Monthly Ladies Luncheons

Garden Club

Fishing Tournament (Need Chairman)

August Yard Sale

September Picnic

Graveling Pt & Radio Road Cleanups

July Boat Trip to A/C

October Golf Outing & Dinner

December Christmas Party

Memorial Day Parade

 Meetings every other month:

Third Thursdays of the following months:

January 17, March cancel next is May 16, July 18, September, 19 November 21,

7:00 PM at the Community Center. 

[We may add additional meetings during the summer months to better inform all Osborn Island residents.]

Remember, our website address:          WWW.OsbornIsland.org

Current Activities:

Boat Luncheon to Golden Nugget was held on on July 8th @ 11:30 am.  

The annual yard sale was held on Friday, Saturday & Sunday – August 2th, 3th and & 4th at Community Center. Drop off of “saleable” items will be on Friday, August 2th. This is our biggest fund-raiser for our organization; we always need items and “VOLUNTEERS”!!!

Beach Clean Up will be held on September 14, 8:30 am @ Graveling Point.

Our annual picnic, will be at Great Bay Marina date September 7th @ 1:30 to 5:30 pm members free and guests $10.00

Wrapping up the calendar year is our annual Christmas Party; Dec 7 @ 6:00 Sea Oaks Country Club.

If you have any comments, suggestions or wish to help us in any way, please contact us.

O.I.R.A. is looking out for all residents of Osborn Island. We need your support and appreciate any time or help you may care to offer.   We can always use people to coordinate Committees for the planning of our events or for new endeavors Members may develop.   Just “pitch in” and help if you can, even with only your $25 membership fee. More people participating means less individual responsibility for any project task.    We’re only as strong as the members who support us!!! Please contact us with any updates to your situation,   and you could let us know the current status of your neighbors we would be most appreciative!!!

Membership Information:

Annual dues are $25.00; Payment due by May 1st.

Our membership year extends from May 1st of the current year thru April 30th of the following year.


Gary Rizzolo

President, Osborn Island Residents Association Inc.