About OIRA

    Formed as a non-profit association on March 23, 1989, the Osborn Island Residents Association (OIRA) is dedicated to preserving a quality environment and sustaining a true sense of neighborhood for everyone on Osborn Island. Our island is a unique and pristine neighborhood of about 500 homes. We believe each property owner and resident of the island has a vested interest in Osborn Island’s future. We have enjoyed community support in the past and want to continue this into the future.

    Over the years, OIRA has presented a united front that actively engaged in conversations with the Mayor and Council on subjects directly affecting life on our island. Issues such as land preservation instead of a housing project,road signage, potential environmental problems and road repaving have been addressed.  The Association also organizes a clean up twice a year of Radio Road and the Graveling Point Beach. 

   Will you join us?  Joining OIRA is just $25 per year. There is no time commitment on your part unless you care to get involved. We would welcome you at our meetings and events and can always use an extra hand if you have the time and interest. Otherwise, your membership support will help us continue to protect and improve our little island. Some of the benefits of membership are the social activities shown on the Membership Form. OIRA dues, event fees and gifts allow us to contribute to the local food bank, PAL, American Legion and provide scholarship assistance to Pinelands Regional High School.

    One last note.  We urge you to join and submit an email address so that we may communicate information to you in a timely manner.  At times, such information of an urgent or important nature can be distributed quickly whereas sending by mail delays the distribution and is costly.  Even distribution of routine information by email saves OIRA time and money. 

    We look forward to your support of our local community organization and contributing to the prosperity of our wonderful Island.  Please complete the Membership Form and mail it with a check today!


O.I.R.A.  Officers  &  Membership Committee