Website for Professor King's INFO 200 sections at the Olayan School of Business - American University of Beirut.  Additional information on your individual semester-long assignments is provided here.  All other course related information is found on your AUB Moodle site.  One purpose of this website is to illustrate the ease of creation and maintenance of a website or blog - website/blog creation is your major individual assignment for this OSB core BBA course.  I want to push undergraduates "beyond the books" - not just MBA's (see related article).  This article says "today's managers must understand increasingly complex frameworks that transcend traditional subject areas".  Your website/blog is a very limited example of how information systems are pervasive through other business disciplines such as marketing and communications. 

This page provides an overview of the pages on the sidebar (to your left).

For 2013/14: Learnist board as a surrogate for creating a blog.

For Fall 2012: Blog

For Spring 2012: Blog

For Fall 2011: Blog

For Spring 2011: Blog

For Fall 2010: Blog

For Spring 2010: Website Creation (project) and Shopping Web 2.0 (in-class)

For Fall 2009: Stock Portfolio Creation and Website Creation


A focus on content and business analytics.  The technology is as simple as it gets.  Here is one of my blogs.

Stock Portfolio

Experiment with your portfolio.  Follow the instructions in creating one.

Website Creation

Resources you will need to create your own website are found here.  The website creation assignment is required as it demonstrates a way to reach your customers (prospective and current) with non-transaction information.

The expectation is that your website will be a personal website (about you or your CV), small business (helping one get some visibility), IT solution to a business problem, about a special interest (e.g., band).

You may add comments to the website.  These will be incorporated for future semesters.

Shopping Web 2.0

An exercise to find the most suitable product and (almost) buy it on an e-commerce website.  You also identify the Web 2.0 features being used.

Previous Work

Your assignments will end up on this page - the good ones at least.

Latest Technology ...

Latest technology (more here and here):

Social Knowledge Announcement

What do you know?  What does your social network of friends know?  Do you know anything about blogshops, infographics, social customer management, social media (Web 3.0), or social networks in business?  If you do (or don't but want to) consider INFO 230 Knowledge Management in the Age of Social Networking - Coming Soon.

Check out my about.me profile!

Latest News

Gartner's Top 10 Strategic Technologies for 2012  related to information systems include Media Tablets and Beyond, Mobile-Centric Applications and Interfaces, Contextual and Social User Experience, App Stores and Marketplaces,  Next-Generation Analytics, and Big Data.

10 Hottest Jobs in America 2011 (Information Systems related): Mobile media, healthcare IT, Data mining/analytics
10 Hottest Careers in America (May 2010) lists the following fields related to information systems: 1.  Healthcare information technology.  3. Data mining. 5. Feature writing on the web  7. Mobile media - From

Did you know that
Information Technology Project Manager is the #5 Best Job in 2009?

Did you know that Computer/Network Security Consultant is the #8 Best Job in 2009?

Did you know that an IT Business Analyst is the #17 Best Job in 2009?

Three OSB seniors (Clovis Maalouf, Daniela El Saghir, Khazer Al Majali) demonstrated the competitiveness of our OSB programs by beating out the best information system programs in Europe and Asia to qualify for the 2010 International Undergraduate MIS Case Competition (CaseIT.org).  New! They drew into the toughest pool in the preliminary round that included the defending champion (National University of Singapore), former defending champion (University of Calgary), and Carnegie Mellon Tepper School of Business.  Nevertheless, the OSB team was within a coin flip (figuratively) of moving to the finals. 

These three were my INFO 200 students last year!  Congratulations! More details...

Interesting articles:

Top 1000 Most-visited sites from Google

IT-Driven Innovation

Information Systems: How We Define It, and Why Study It written by a student at Carnegie Mellon University (top 10 IS program)

The rise and fall of MySpace  Social networking is a business ... make bad decisions and ...

Enterprise Web vs Consumer Web [2.0]: Top Six Differences Consumer technology is interesting but hey ... we are in a business school so I want to know what the technology means to businesses.

What is UP with IT?

Still think INFO is boring and so are its majors?  Think again ....

.... Social Collaborative IT Management is coming soon.


Courtesy of HP - IT is Fun Again