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One of our students passed the Dan level

■ On July 11th, Humberto Baba (Brazil) challenged and passed the Dan level examination using the Soroban

Some words from Humberto: 

"Hi everybody,

Last July I tried the Dan level test for the soroban (second time), which is a level after the first level. And I got the jun shodan level, a kind of pre-first Dan level.
My test results were: multiplication = 90/300 (pre-first Dan), division=115/300 (pre-second Dan), addition and subtraction=90/300 (pre-first Dan).
It was a level that I thought I would never achieve in my life! I guess persistence and a lot of training can get you very close to your goal (no need to mention the help I had from excellent teachers)!
I do not know if something has changed for me, but one thing I can tell you is that division is not a nightmare for me anymore. On the contrary, it is my best subject now (as you can see by my points).
And the interesting thing is that I did not specifically practice for it, but it naturally became a pleasure for me to divide! 
Until the first level (1kyu), division was my worse subject, but thanks to many advices from my teachers I was able to improve it.
This class in Osaka has a feature you will not find everywhere, there are a lot of experienced teachers to teach, help you, and everyone knows something you had never thought about."

■ One week before, on June 27th, Fabian Takaki (Brazil) challenged the level 3 using Soroban and he also passed the examination, with the following results: 

* Addition/Subtraction: 90
* Multiplication: 85
* Division: 95

Currently, he is the 40th student in our class approved in level 3 using Soroban.