OS/2 stuff


tavrasm_1.22.zip  [69'118]  OS/2 build of Toms AVR macro assembler v 1.22 - assembler for the Atmel AVR family of micro-controllers.

sizer_0.0.2.zip  [15'136]  A simple utility which sets VIO session dimensions, position, font size etc.

csc_0.1.1.zip  [24'995]  A simple utility for character set conversion of text string (file) or filename.

act9p.zip  [133'548]  CTorrent is a small and fast console BitTorrent client. ACT is just "colored" original OS/2 port of CTorrent. Obsolete.

act_0.2.6.zip  [214'805]  ACT is OS/2 port of Enhansed CTorrent (dnh3.3.2 at present) BitTorrent  console client.

bmv_b2.zip  [18'419]  BitTorrent-file metainfo viewer.

dterm_b10.zip  [108'040]  VIO terminal for debugging via RS-232.

sbu_0.0.1.zip  [40'683]  Selective Back-up is a flexible tool for creating and maintaining exact copy of a whole drive (partition) or desired files/directories/paths. 

 some of docs & specs

 cdrom-docs.zip  [316'545]  cdrom ISO9660 specification.

всякая всячина не по теме

metro.mp3  [5'737'912]  одна из историй пьяного бардака в московском метро.


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