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Ohio River Vista vineyard, winery, and research station

Our passion is grapevine growing and organic winemaking 

-- we produce fine wine (! yes, organic !) to be enjoyed with friends and family.

        Crafting your own vintage wine from grape-picking through fermentation to bottling is a truly rewarding experience for wine-lovers who may not have the knowledge, the acreage, or the winemaking equipment to pursue their dream.

        Join us at ORVvwars for this experience of a lifetime.  Explore your comfort level anywhere from solo winemaking to following the guidance of our master vintner to produce your custom wine by the case or by the barrel.   Share the fun with friends and family.  All are welcome including individuals, groups, and wine clubs.     Micro viticulture and enology truly offers the best opportunity for making world class wines.

        The Ohio River Vista vineyard is located in Pierce Township, Clermont County, Ohio only 20 minutes from downtown Cincinnati.  Overlooking the Ohio River (a southwesterly view 200 feet below and six-tenths of a mile distant), the steeply-sloped vineyard enjoys the River's moderating climate.  The unglaciated soil is rich in clay over limestone underlayment providing excellent drainage.  This ideal terroir is capable of supporting 4,000 vinifera vines producing 650 cases of premium estate-bottled wine per year.

        Our most recent expansion is a field research facility hosting faculty and students from nearby universities conducting collaborative projects.  This new outbuilding houses processing and laboratory test equipment along with experimental seedling cultivars.  Past and present projects include:

       Visitors are welcome by appointment all days of the year except during harvest. 

                            Share the enthusiasm of our staff and volunteers!

                            Contact us :          Ohio River Vista vineyard, winery and research station
                                                        27 Locust Hill Rd,   Cincinnati, OH    45245

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