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Join ORV Alguita on a research voyage to the North Pacific Gyre to research Marine Debris on the open ocean.  During voyages through the North Pacific Gyre, the vessel's research team collects samples to help answer questions about the growing amount of plastic debris in the world's oceans. Ship-2-Shore allows students to interact with the crew during the voyage!

To sign up for more information email vesselsupport@algalita.org

Welcome aboard! Students from around the world join ORV Alguita on her research voyages via the internet and communicate with the crew at sea using a satellite connection.   


 Watch a preview of  "Synthetic Sea"  Synthetic Sea traces the groundbreaking research conducted by the Algalita Marine Research Foundation (AMRF) regarding the exponential buildup of “non-biodegradable” plastic debris in the world’s ocean. The program documents AMRF research and sampling from Hawaii, the North Central Pacific Gyre, and the California Coastline.



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The Ship to Shore Education Blog is a moderated web space for students, educators, and the ORV Alguita shore team to share questions, answers, and ideas about ORV Alguita's voyage.

The ORV Alguita Blog is a public web space for the crew aboard ORV Alguita to share experiences during their research voyage, relay information about their voyage, and research via satellite while they are at sea!

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