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Thank you.......

posted Sep 18, 2012, 6:33 AM by Oruma Riverstone
First of all a big THANK YOU FOR ALL...........
 It was a memorable day in the history of ORUMA. The HUGE success of ORUMA ONAM 2012, held at ST.Thomas Orthodox Church Auditorium in Sept.9 was due to the unanimous work of all ORUMA members. Thank you all for your participation in ORUMA ONAM 2012.Thank you all participants in various entertainment programs especially our talented kids and youth.
   Finance committee chair SHAJI MALAYIL ,RENJU SEBASTIAN and BOBBY JOSEPH together with other committee members worked hard to get sponsorship from various sponsors.Thanks for all the finance committee members.
     All the cultural programs are amazing,wonderful and colourful. SANI who is the program committee chair worked a lot for the fulfillment of this function.Thanks to Committee members BIJU ANTONY,RENJU, ANTONY, BIJI, RESHMI,ROSE,CELINE BABU, and MARYKUTTI for your support.
    We all had a delicious and traditional "ONASADHYA" yesterday. Thanks to Kerala Kitchen for providing us onasdhya. JOSEPH KAITHAMATTATHIL spent a lot of time towards the organized distribution of onasadhya on time and properly.Thanks to BOBBY, JOSSY,JIJI,SANTHOSH, SAJU for your SERVICE in Food committee.
    Our MC's did a great job yesterday. A big thanks to BIJU ANTONY & RYNA SUNIL.
    Our youth MC's are awesome. Special thanks to JESTIN MALAYI & SMITHA & AASHIQ SAJI & DELMA.
You should have noticed the "KULA VAAZHA" in front of the stage.Thanks to SHIJU GEORGE and all those who supported him.
MALAYALI MANKA & MANNAN was the idea of SHIJU GEORGE. Special thanks to SHIJU GEORGE again.
    Thanks to PAULACHAN & BESTIN for taking the pictures of the function.
    Thank you all those who served the onasadhya and snacks..
    I would like to thanks SALBY helping us to fulfil our dream--Traditional Kerala Veedu--as the theme of our stage.The idea was from JOE&ROSE.JOE spent a lot of time with SALBY to fulfill it. ROSE's father was also helping us with ideas and proper directions.Thanks to Rose's Father.
    Thanks to AGESTINE & JOPHY for working in registration counter.
    Thanks to BRIJIT and others for preparing a beautiful POOKKALAM for us.
    Thanks to SHEEJA, TIGI, SMITHA, ROSE, EVELIN for teaching dance for kids.Thank you SANTO and JOSSY for your efforts to arrange the auditorium beautifully.
If anybody I forgot to mention please excuse me..
Once again THANK YOU all for you support.....
നന്ദി ....നന്ദി ....നന്ദി ....

Pious Lukose