A. Splint Sabonis returned to the manufacturer
Company's "First Step Guide Algimantas Astrauskas established Orthopedic craft museum has added a special exhibit - the first basketball player Arvydas Sabonis orthopedic foot splint.


More than 20 years ago produced suvarstomą basketball shoe legend avėjo after the first Achilles' tendon surgery, which he has been carried out in 1987. A. Sabonis heavy right foot injury has been experienced in the past.

"This 55-sized calipers manufactures orthopedic Kaunas factory while working as a technician prosthetist. Helped me a colleague. And very good it was considered very low quality plastic "Polivik" for which the framing of a shoe A. Sabonis, was specially sent from Moscow ", - assured Mr Astrauskas.

Wore for three months

Then Entrepreneur remember 22-A. Sabonis its suppliers and its related medical first visit to the Orthopedic combine. In close proximity are pleased to see the basketball legend rejoiced almost all workers, but mostly happiness experienced by those who come into contact with his legs.

Approximately 60 centimeters in height with legs mandrel 11 inches heel, which did not undergo surgery strained Achilles tendon, A. Sabonis wore almost three months.

After a while the mandrel A. Sabonis gave the Pharmacy Museum, and the leadership of this historic milestone in the recent artifact irrevocably transferred his film A Astrauskas.

Collection of new exhibits

The "first step" in the private room set up Orthopedic Craft Museum, which since the year is included in the proposed foreign visit Kaunas list of locations, in addition to the famous basketball player mandrel, one can see over 100 different exhibits showing the history of Lithuanian Orthopedics.

One of the most interesting museum exhibits - Panevezys, the construction site, digging up the First World War soldiers graves found in heavy, solid iron splints, damaged hands and feet.

The exhibition is also protected prosthesis, manufactured home, wood and metal. He lived Jurbarkas man wore about 60 years.

After manufacture, the new husband, a modern prosthetics, he said goodbye to the old difficulty. Because of medical innovation respectable old man was not inclined to trust.

Interested in the history of the craft

The museum shows many of the world atkeliavusių different year books relating to orthopedics in Lithuania. Soon, it will complement the new A. Astrauskas and V.Šereikienės publication "Orthopedic craft development in Lithuania. Feature stories and recollections. "

A. Astrauskas view, knowledge of the first orthopedic masters rather poor, the prosthetist, orthopedist, orthopedic bootmaker almost no information. Mentions only the names of the individual.

"One of the Museum's founding objectives was to collect the orthopedic craft everything possible. In particular, appealed for help Lithuania, but later - and foreign medical and other museums. Search produced results ", - claimed the museum's founder. 

On the men's death, humanity in the war, and archaeological artifacts Orthopedics


2008 summer, a recommendation from the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture, Ethnographic Museum Panevezys fund manager Sandra Libikienė sent by A. Astrauskas orthopedic orthopedic use the craft museum exhibits. The latter were collected in 2005 Panevezys held archaeological expedition. In Kaunas received 13 orthopedic mandrel, Forward fotonegatyvai and other illustrative material. All orthopedic products have been tested krupščiai, expert evaluations carried out by your dentist Kaunas-trauma and orthopedic technicians. Orthopedic splints, which she found was from Panevezys to A. Astrauskas orthopedic craft museum, there is no incentive for moral exhibited a wide range of visitors. They can see the specialists.