These icons depict the lives of the Saints, e.g.

Welcome to St. John The Theologian Orthodox Church Mission!

Our mission strives to be a culturally-relevant Orthodox Christian community, that ministers to and shares the traditions of Christ's undivided and apostolic Church with the greater Gainesville, Florida region. We are a community of inquirers and believers sharing the message and the Truth of the ancient Christian faith to all who are seeking.

St John the Theologian, our community's patron saint depicted in the left-most icon above, is one of several titles given to the Apostle and Evangelist JohnJohn, the Theotokos, Christ, and John the Forerunner and Baptist are shown above.  Click one of the icons to see which saints we celebrate on this liturgical date.

Please explore our site and calendar to learn more about us.  If you have any other questions or needs, please contact us and/or sign our online guest book.

Like St Philip (in John 1:46), we welcome you to come and see!

We are a mission of The Diocese of the South, The Orthodox Church in America.

Our presiding bishop is The Right Reverend Alexander (Golitzin) Bishop of Dallas, the South and the Bulgarian Diocese

This mission has functioned for many years at the University of Florida chiefly as an OCF chapter.  In 2009 we extended the mission of St. John the Theologian to serve both students and families in the Gainesville Community.