PIC18/dsPIC30 Reed Solomon

Implementation of a Reed Solomon 255/223 coding scheme for microcontrollers 

This is a error correction code useful in wireless comunications. I have ported the excellent Phil Karn (ka9q) FEC Library to this tiny devices. The perfomance is aceptable for some applications.

Technical specs:

dsPIC30 Port:

  •    Encoding and decoding of a 255/223 Reed Solomon code.
  •    2.2 Kb of ROM, 150 bytes of RAM used (For both Encoding and decoding)
  •    10 Kbytes/s of encoding speed, 3 Kb/s of decoding speed at 30 Mips
  •    No need for a dynamic memory manager (malloc)
  •    LGPL License

Pic18 Port:

  • Only encoding is ported (Decoding should be too slow to be useful anyway)
  • 1.2 Kb of ROM, 200 bytes of RAM used
  • Aprox. 2 Kbytes/s of encoding speed at 10 Mips (40 Mhz)
  • LGPL License

Download zipped source and .HEX