A. A. Ortega's software projects

Hi! I am living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Programming is my hobby (And my work too) but that's not what I say in parties, because thats boring. I usually say that I'm a penguin rescuer and nature-figther from Patagonia, that is of course false, as I hate many birds including penguins. But I like stuff like security and error correction codes. Here you will find links to my several open source projects. Every critic is welcomed, and ignored.


  • My best project so far (More than 650 downloads wow!) , a tiny OS for the PIC18 plataform Picix
  • SmartMap (J2ME, for cell phones). This is not my best project in my opinion, but it has >200 downloads per day, so surely is the most popular.
  • GDB Patches, some small gdb patches to add functionality and missing commands. 
  • Google Android Debugging Utilites, including gdb, strace and bash, indispensable tools for android hax0ring.
  • My FPGA page, some projects involving a not very small FPGA that i bought some time ago.
    • I have crafted my own linux distro for this board, I call it: virtex-linux !
  • Some heavy algorithms implemented on a couple of tiny and slow devices:
    • PIC18 RSA, implementation of the RSA public-key algorithm for PIC18 and dsPIC30 microcontrollers.
    • Reed Solomon, implementation of the Reed Solomon error correction scheme, for PIC18 and dsPIC30 devices.
  •  Eccchain - Error correction chain, this is a simulator for my thesis project
  •  Talks and articles that I managed to appear or contribute in some way.
  • Vacuum Tube Headphone Amp, a retro-hardware project.



I have discovered and exploited some security bugs in current and past jobs. My speciality is open-source software vulnerabilities:


Personal and pictures:

BlackHat/Defcon 2007, great times!
Real Curriculum in LinkedIn
Some papers that I made in the past.
The infamous "
coplitas" (A prank that I and a couple of friends made 10 years ago in high school) 

Also, I have a small bike, pics

Links to friend's pages:

  exploiting.wordpress.com - The adventures of Anibal Sacco 

  http://breakingcode.wordpress.com/  - Because is not broken enough

  ret2libc.blogspot.com - The evil blog of Sebastian "Topo" Muñiz

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