Orsola Garofalo

Copenhagen Business School

Department of Innovation and Organizational Economics (SI)

Kilen, Kilevej 14A, Office 2.85

2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark

E-mail: og.si@cbs.dk

I am Associate Professor at Copenhagen Business School (SI). I got a PhD in Business Economics from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and a MSc and BSc from Bocconi University. My research interests include experimental economics, behavioral economics and organizational economics.

Here is a link to my full CV and to my Google Scholar page.


Failing to learn from failure: how optimism impedes entrepreneurial innovation (with Mario Daniele Amore and Victor Martin-Sanchez) Organization Science (Forthcoming).

Shifting blame? Experimental evidence of delegating communication (with Christina Rott) Management Science (2018), 64 (8): 3469-3970.

Executive gender, competitive pressures, and corporate performance (with Mario Daniele Amore) Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (2016), 131: 308-327.

Gender interactions within the family firm (with Mario Daniele Amore and Alessandro Minichilli) Management Science (2014), 60 (5): 1083-1097.

Gender pairings and accountability effects (with Jordi Brandts) Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (2012), 83 (1): 31-41.

Does sharing payoffs affect gender differences in accountability? (with Jordi Brandts) In. Innocenti and Sirigu (Eds.) Neuroscience and the Economics of Decision-Making, Routledge (2012). Pp. 197-213. Routledge.

Working papers

Effort in decision-making, audience gender effects, and incentives (with Jordi Brandts)

Pay inequality and gender dynamics at the top (with Mario Daniele Amore)

Organizational identity and performance: An inquiry into outlandish company names (with Mario Daniele Amore and Mircea Epure)

Leadership and corporate honesty (with Mario Daniele Amore and Alice Guerra)

Work in progress

Gender bias and crowdfunding investments in East Africa (with Lars Bo Jeppesen, Nsubili Isaga, Daudi Pascal Ndaki, and Diego Zunino)

Training for youth entrepreneurship: a field experiment in Tanzania (with Lars Bo Jeppesen, Nsubili Isaga, Daudi Pascal Ndaki, and Diego Zunino)

Talking about quotas: An experiment on gender diversity and communication (with Mario Daniele Amore)

Testosterone and nepotism (with Mario Daniele Amore, Jordi Brandts and Giorgio Coricelli)

Are business plans still relevant? How accurate cost information impacts on entrepreneur's negotiation behavior (with Toke Reichstein and Giulio Zichella)

Cognition and perception of risk and ambiguity among entrepreneurs: An event-related fMRI experiment (with Toke Reichstein, Valentina Tartari, Giulio Zichella, Gitte Moos, Johannes Björkstrand, and Dea Stenbaek)