Jodie Mack animation

"Jodie Mack is a Chicago-based artist working in various forms of cut-out and stop-motion animation. Her films combine traditional feminine crafts with rhythmic editing and obsessive nuance to create a radical domesticity that is new to the film world. Mack received her MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and in 2008 was the recipient of an Illinois Arts Council Media Arts Fellowship. She works with young filmmakers and spends her free time making pop-up cards and coordinating screenings and film festivals." --   Flavorpill, August 19, 2008.

Read an Interview with Jodie Mack , ExTV blog, October 30, 2009.

Animations by Jodie Mack:   

2010    The Postcard Project 6-10m, 16mm, color, sound

            An animated document of a closing pop-culture postcard factory.       

            Techniques: stop-motion animation


2009    Screensaver loop, DV, color, silent

            A maximum cycle.

            Techniques: cut out animation on overlaid transparencies.


2009    Twilight Spirit 4m45s, 16mmà DV, color, sound

            Desert hallucinations of David Morehouse

Techniques: cut-out animation with underlit tissue paper and x-rays


2008    Yard Work is Hard Work 28m, 16mm, color, sound

Part experimental animation, part romantic comedy, part light critique of capitalism, this musical follows a pair of newlyweds as they learn the perils of homeownership and life in general.

Techniques: cut-out animation with recycled printed materials (magazines, catalogs, junkmail, etc.); object animation; DIY songwriting and recording


2007    Lilly 6m30, 16mm, color, silent

            Animated photo-negatives illustrate a WWII tragedy.

Techniques: 2D stop motion-animation, direct animation, optical printing, color hand-processing


2006    Harlequin/Porch 5m, 16mm, color and b/w, silent

            A fabric night and a lacy day

Techniques: fabric scanning, stop-motion animation, hand-processing


2006    Mannequins Harlequin 3m, 16mm->DV, color, sound

            A stroboscopic dance party

Techniques: fabric scanning, still image compositing, stop-motion animation, digital blue screen compositing


2006    All Stars 24s, 16mm, color, silent

            A bite-sized star punch exercise

            Techniques: direct animation with colored acetate


2005    A Joy 3m, 16mm DV, color, sound

            Music video four Four-Tet’s “A Joy”

            Techniques: direct animation with colored acetate patterned

            contact paper, and ink


2004      Ebullition 2m, 16mm, color, silent

            Colors and bubbles move around.

Techniques: direct animation with vegetable oil and ink


2003    Two-Hundred Feet 2m30s, 16mm, color silent

            Shapes shake nervously. Lines sway back and forth. The sun sets.

Techniques: direct animation with ink and colored acetate