Eros Exotic

Gustav Deutsch & Hanna Schimek (loop media, Vienna) introduce

Eros Exotic: On the notion and staging of the exotic and foreign in commercials, newsreels, fiction films, documentaries, and erotic films from the first four decades of cinematography.

A black woman washes a white baby with Sunlight soap; a Turk gets beheaded by two black guys because he kisses a veiled lady; a Chinese transforms a worm into a butterfly woman, and is transformed by her into a worm; a white slave is sold to Arabs; a group of naked bathing women are attacked by a group of Turks; British soldiers disguised as blacks play a group of minstrels; a drugged man dreams of Japanese female dancers and so on. . . . 

How is the exotic and foreign pictured by French, British, Austrian, Dutch filmmakers in the first four decades of cinematography? Clichés and stereotypes about foreign peoples and cultures become visible.

A program made up of films and excerpts of films selected from the image library of FILM IST. a girl & a gun, the latest installment in the series of films on the phenomenology of the medium, by Gustav Deutsch.

  1. Sunlight commercial, Lumiere, 1897?
  2. The Price of a Kiss, American Mutoscope & Biograph, 1899
  3. L´Ecrin du rajah, Velle, 1906
  4. Le Charmeur, Segundo de Chomón, 1906
  5. Sklavenmarkt, Saturnfilm, ca. 1906-11
  6. Überfall auf badende Frauen, Saturnfilm, ca. 1906-11
  7. Pictorial History of World War I, 1919
  8. Zigomar contre le bande van Z, 1912
  9. Priere a Buddha, 1926
  10. Die grüne Manuela, E. A. Dupont, 1923
  11. Bits & Pieces Nr 89n.d.
  12. Carneval, 1927
  13. Österreich in Bild und Ton 41b, Koringa der weibliche Fakir, 1935
  14. Pathé Journal, 1936

Sources: Austrian Filmmuseum
                Cineteca di Bologna
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                Nederlands Filmmuseum
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