Presented by Heidi Cooley (USC)
preserved with a grant from the National Film Preservation Foundation

The Augustas (1957-58), amateur filmmaker Scott Nixon combines footage of his hometown of Augusta, Georgia, with a variety of other “Augustas” throughout the United States. The Augustas is part of a larger collection of 74 Nixon films (26,000 feet!) donated to the University of South Carolina by the Augusta Museum and the Augusta Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society. Spanning the 1930s to the 1970s, Nixon’s films are records of his cross-country travels. The Super 8 and 16mm footage (both black-and-white and color) includes topics ranging from Washington, DC monuments and urban skylines to shots of railroads and the Pacific Ocean.


Heidi Cooley is an assistant professor of New Media Studies at the University of South Carolina. She is also an editor for the Journal of Visual Culture. Her book-in-progess is entitled Finding Augusta: Persons, Location, and Metadata in the Security State.



Heidi Rae Cooley, "Placing “Augusta”: Index, Tags & Findability,"  In Media Res, March 4, 2009.  Cooley includes a slide show of images from the film. 

The University of South Carolina's Regional Film Collections.

catalog descriptions of Scott Nixon's films.


Full-page ad in The Moving Image 9.1 (2009), the Orphan Film issue