Audiovisual Preservation Exchange (APEX) in Africa

Mona Jimenez (NYU MIAP/APEX) “Establishing APEX in Ghana."  In 2008, MIAP established a program for the exchange of archiving and preservation resources. NYU worked with Ghanaian governmental, cultural, and broadcast groups, to set up training, the creation of a film conservation lab, a student internship, and ongoing networking. 

Screening: GBC Audiovisual Library Fire (1989/2009) video, sound, color, 8 min. In 1993, the national television station, Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC), lost a considerable amount of its audio-visual material when fire broke out in the audio-visual library. In many cases, these destroyed materials were the only existing copies. This video contains footage from GBC's television report of the fire and eery footage of the abandoned building 20 years after the event. Recent footage shot and edited by the director of the GBC video library, Ellis Brenni.

Ishumael Zinyengere (UN International Tribunal for Rwanda) "Colonial Films and Contemporary Archives: 'Orphans' from the Zimbabwe National Film Archives."   Using the example of British Colonial films featuring Tickey, a Charlie Chaplin-type character, Zinyengere will discuss the holdings of the Zimbabwean archive and the importance of the preservation of both colonial and post-colonial films to Africa's history. Screening: Tickey the Waiter (1967) 16mm, color, sound (no dialog), 10 min.

Jennifer Blaylock (NYU MIAP) Reproducing History: Colonial Discourses & Digital Silences in African Audiovisual Archives.”  What are the ethical and political issues involved in the digitization of African audiovisual cultural heritage? Blaylock looks specifically at several early colonial films and incorporates anecdotal evidence from her research in Ghana to demonstrate how the history of African cinema is being constructed by archival choices happening in the archive today.

Mona Jimenez & Ishumael Zinyengere: "Going Forward: Effective Exchanges between African Archives and US Archives and Universities."  A discussion. Given mutual goals of increased access to African film and video and the disparities in resources that support preservation and distribution, what form should collaborations and exchanges take? 

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