What is MNLI 14?

The Massachusetts New Literacies Institute brings together hundreds of educators from all grades and subject areas for three days of rich in-depth professional development. 

The MNLI utilizes a blended model of delivering content. This consists of pre-Institute  activities followed by the three days of hands-on experience with leaders in  the field of literacy research.

What will I have to do?

The online version of this class focuses on five modules

  1. Introduction
  2. Multimodal Tutorials
  3. Online Collaborative Inquiry
  4. Online Content Construction
  5. Online Reading Comprehension

Each module will contain: a short introduction video, a reading or two, a video gallery,  an optional synchronous chat, and finally a learning activity.

Design Inquiry

Professional development can no longer revolve around teachers being rewarded for seat time. At MNLI participants engage in a cycle of design. You set a goal, choose a team, and help iterate a better tomorrow. 


Pre-Institute Meetings

Before we come together we will meet in digital spaces to explore online research and media skills.

We at MNLI agree that:

"The need to conduct research and to produce and consume media is embedded into every aspect of today’s curriculum. In like fashion, research and media skills and understandings are embedded throughout the Standards rather than treated in a separate section."

We have built our model of online research and  media skills on three cornerstones of new literacies: online collaborative inquiry, online content construction, and online reading comprehension.


We at MNLI also believe digital texts and tools afford us the opportunity to examine new assessment systems. As you complete the modules in this course, you may earn digital badges that reflect your accomplishments.