Material: Large red pepper

Material: Small red pepper

Material: Green pepper

Material: Banans

Material: White beans

Material: Garlic

Material: Tomateos

Material: Painted metal fence

Material: The combination of wooden planking and mud with straw

Material: Riven wood

Material: Small wooden clogs

Material: Big wooden clogs

Material: Boards for drying

Material: Lacquered boards

Material: Section of cut tree

Material: Sand

Material: Mortar

Material: Rusty iron plate

Material: Autumn leaves

Material: Moss on bark

Material: Bark

Material: Small stones

Material: Grouting brick

Material: Brick from mud and straw

Material: Stone brick

Material: Estetic stone brick

Material: Grouting brick of granit

Material: Grouting brick of clay

Material: Block of clay

Material: Pads

Material: Roof tiles

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