About Post 123

We are not your grandfathers Legion

Welcome to our website.  We are glad that you have decided to browse our site and we hope that you would 

consider joining and serving with your local legion.  In todays world the Legion is so much more than just 

sitting at a bar and swilling cheep beer.  It is about serving our community, serving our veterans, and serving 

each other.  We have many programs available for a wide variety of service within our communities.  We 

sponsor programs such as Boys state, there is the Legion Riders M/C group, and we work to help veterans 

obtain much needed  benefits.  We have a long history here in Myrtle Creek.  The Fallin post #123 was 

originally chartered in Canyonville shortly after WWI, and has been going strong ever since.  While we may 

have moved to Tri City and have a Myrtle Creek address, we continue to serve the local communities of 

Canyonville, Tri City, Riddle, and Myrtle Creek.  If you are interested in regaining the camaraderie that you 

enjoyed while serving your country, and would like to continue helping and serving veterans, their families, 

and others within your community, please feel free to contact us.  You may do so through the link at the right 

of this page tlabeled Contact Us.  

Please click this picture to learn how this is not just your grandfathers Legion, this is your Legion.