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Teen Support Groups





Date: Every Month

( 2nd Thursday of the month)



Time: 7:00pm 

Who attends?  Any teen who stutters, parents of teens who stutter; friends or family of teens who stutter who want to learn more and be supportive.
What do we do, and do we HAVE to do stuff?  There is not always a “formal” agenda.  We usually have a topic, but that is always flexible.  As always, no person is forced to do anything at an NSA event.  You pick your own comfort level.   We have break out groups, so everyone is not always together at once.
How many people attend?  Anywhere from 5 to 15, right now.  We never know.  :)
How much do others stutter?  We never know this, either.  What we do know is that everyone stutters differently.  We DO know that you will meet others who stutter, though.  That is a “for sure.”