Shlomo Fonts


The Shlomo fonts are a set of Hebrew fonts fully supporting cantillation marks (called in Hebrew: Ta`amim or Te`amey ha-mikra) with good distinguishing capabilities between similar letters.

In the Hebrew Aleph-Beth there are pairs of similar glyphs like ב/כ, ס/ם, ד/ר, נ/ג, ה/ח. As for their specialized use & their complexity, there are few fonts with Hebrew cantillation marks and those seems to nelgect such distinguish issue, which becomes acute especially for people with seeing difficulties.

1. Introduction to fonts with Hebrew Cantillation Marks
1.1 The Purpose of Hebrew Cantillation Marks
1.2 Availability of fonts with Hebrew Cantillation Marks
2. Overview of the Shlomo fonts
2.1 Introduction to the Shlomo fonts
2.2   Technical and functional issues of the Shlomo fonts
2.3 Comparison examples