About ORKFiA

ORKFiA is a cult web-based strategy game currently hosted at http://alliancesatwar.com and played through a standard web-browser without any downloads. The game runs without any cost to players and there are no adverts or micro-transactions of any kind as Orkfia retains  a "For Fun - Not Profit" ethos. 

Orkfia was created  in 2001 by three individuals who had played similar corporation-hosted games and decided to improve their experience by making their own game, to be run by players for players without any ulterior motive, just for fun. Since then management and the work of the game has continued throughout the years with rotating "staff" from dedicated player volunteers who pay any costs necessary themselves in order to keep this vibrant and treasured community going.

How to Play

Orkfia is a fantasy land, in a similar vein to Lord Of The Rings but not based upon it. You play as the leader of a tribe playing besides and against real human players around the world, each human player is controlling their own tribe of loyal computer-generated citizens.  The ultimate goal is to become the best and most powerful tribe in the game, as part of the best alliance in the game.  Of course the definition of "best" is different to everyone but common goals include holding more land than anyone else or killing more rival tribes than anyone else.  Orkfia is best played as part of a team and up to 8 tribes can ally to form an alliance.

The game is tick-based which means that on the tick of the clock from one hour to the next, the game updates for every tribe in the game, this happens regardless of whether or not the Tribe Leader is online. An earth hour is equal to one month in Orkfia. Most players log in at least once or twice a day from their phone or computer, for at least a few minutes each time. Each player is in control of one tribe in Orkfia, and makes choices on how to play their tribe. 10 minutes spread over 12-48 earth hours will keep a reasonable tribe in Orkfia, more time spent on tribe leadership will likely improve your results.